The WiFi problem with the iPad

It seems that there have been a number of people complaining about the wifi connectivity on the iPad. Having good wifi is pretty important and so far Apple are not really addressing the issue. It has taken Princeton University is jumping in with a possible explanation for the problem. Now they reckon that the problem […]

The iPad in Europe

iPad Europe Release Date The iPad Europe situation is not good as it stands at the middle of April. There was recently an announcement from Apple to say that they were not going to supply iPads to Europe for another month. The release date for the iPad for the UK, Germany, France Spain and some […]

ipad UK Pricing or Ship Apple iPad from US

Apple iPad prices. There are rumours of iPad UK Pricing but nothing yet from Apple. Will Apple do what they usually do with theĀ Apple iPad UK price the andĀ over the pond pricing and hike it up a bit. With the iPad being scarce and hard to get right now it would seem that Apple could […]