What did you do with your iPad today?

Today there were queues for the iPad for the lucky few that either managed to get one via the courier and the pre-order process from Apple, or went to the local Apple Store to buy direct from the shop.. The lucky gits were then confined in some quiet place for the rest of the day […]

Using Automator in Mac OSX to work for you

The task that I worked out for Hazel to do for me automatically when the files were simply drooped into the right folder last week works great but not I am trying to get the same job done with Automator which comes free with Mac OSX. No point in spending money if you can help […]

Mac20Q Podcast – Automator, AppleScript doing things automagically

This week I have been getting stuck into the programming and learning about things like the if else , for and while loops and I dare say that for most listeners it would not be that interesting. I have though during the last couple of days been trying to work out how to do for […]

Mac20Q Podcast 97 iPad vs MacBook Air or Pro and some dad dancing

My Mac Week My wife wants a computer to do stuff in school, she is a teacher. For a long time she has been drooling over the MacBook Air – mainly because of it being light in weight. Many people have told me – that having owned one they think it to be underpowered and […]

Mac20Q Podcast 98 Photographer Darren Hull

In this podcast I am talking to Darren Hull who has landed himself a cool job after finishing his Fine Art studies in which he is photographing and videoing wood work products – And he has enough time also to do his own photography. Getting a job these days is hard enough . Handy if […]

Mac20Q Podcast 99 Paul the Mac Guy Scott

I talk with Paul Scott about what he does with his Mac. We discuss the compatibility possible when you have to use some Windows apps on your Mac. I tell him about a friend that was using an older CRT iMac that had problems with file sharing and that now with the way things are […]

Mac20Q Podcast 100 – Talking to Chris Marshall

Recorded the one hundred episode yesterday and today. I was pleased that Chris Marshall came on the show to talk about his experiences with his Macs and his new iPad and how it fits in with what he is doing with his writing. Chris writes articles for a newspaper here in Spain and also makes […]

Mac20Q Podcast 101 Featuring another chat with Ross from Canada

The Mac20Q interview is with Ross Craig from Canada. I talked to Ross before but now he has an iPad to tell me about too. iPrompt for the iPhone Today I got my hands on the iPhone application iPrompt. I have been using VideoCue to use as my teleprompter when I do the videos and […]

Mac20Q Podcast 102 with Co Host Paul Scott

Paul Scott – The Mac Guy Co-Host on this show is Paul Scott. Paul has a blog The Mac Guy in which he answers people questions about hardware and software, seeing as he has a wealth of knowledge about Macs, he is the perfect person to talk Mac with. In this episode I am joined […]

Mac20Q Podcast 103 featuring the talented Tee Morris

Interview with Tee Morris Author of the podcast novel Billybub Baddings and the case of the singing sword that you can download and listen to on your iPod or iPhone or whatever mp3 player. I listened to the story and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tee mixes the fantasy genre with the private eye, Sam Spade type […]