How long are you getting from your iPhone 4S Battery and iOS 5

Problems with the battery life in iOS 5 devices Since the introduction of the iPhone 4S, it seems that quite a lot of people have been complaining about them having power problems with their iOS 5 device. Apple have acknowledged that there is a bug in iOS 5 that is causing power management issues. It […]

iTunes Alternatives Are Available

If you’re using iTunes and Windows, then you probably rightly don’t like it. iTunes does work best when it is on a Mac computer, because much of it is integrated in or from the operating system. So the iTunes as it works on Windows, I think we can safely say, is a load of rubbish. […]

Will you lash out the cash to get Omnifocus for iPad

To be honest I think that Omnifocus for iPad is too expensive, especially when you bear in mind that you probably will want to buy the Omnifocus for the Mac, so that you have synchronisation between your computer and your iPad. Not only are they expensive for those applications but the iDevice applications are not […]

iPad reset all settings with the iPad reset button

Getting it all working again by using the iPad reset button There are times when there is going to be nothing else that you can do except for hitting the iPad reset button and doing an iPad reset to factory settings. Situations when you might need to do something like this, could be if the […]

Streaming music, photos and Video around the house with iPhone Air play

Having your music videos and photos streamed around the house using Apple TV Apple airplay came to us with the iOS 4.2 and basically what it is, is a way to stream our content over Wi-Fi from one device to another. What Apple boasts is that you can have the whole of your iTunes library, […]