Use Widgets in iBooks AUthor

Making your iBooks more exciting with the widgets that you can use in iBooks Author. The widgets allow you to add video and audio into the iBooks. I have use one to add a timer and I made it using Dashcode. If you don’t want to get into using DashCode there are some sites you […]

Using Styles in iBooks Author

iBooks Author has to be the best authoring application for eBooks. It is a new realm of desktop publishing. Although it is mainly suited to text books you can make all sorts of books, from photo books, children’s books and novels. In this video I show how you can get text in to iBooks Author. […]

How to Use iBooks Author

iBooks Author is relatively quite an easy application to start working with, this is because it is quite similar to the way that the application Pages works in terms of the way that it handles text and images. Of course, with iBooks Author you do get a number of extra facilities, such as the ability […]