Using Scanner Pro as part of your going paperless objective

There is one scanner which is quite popular with Mac users and that is the various versions of the Fujitsu Snapscan. Recently they have brought out a new version of their top end scanner, but to be quite honest I really can’t afford it. On the other hand, I do have the application Scanner Pro […]

Going paperless using iPhone or iPad and a touch of automation.

I am a great believer in being as paperless as possible and it is extremely rare that I would print anything out. Especially when you have the iPad available to you and you can read directly off the screen in a way that is quite personal, printing on paper has become superfluous. So that is […]

Amazing how reliant we become on having Internet access

We have been without Internet for just over one week now and I have to say that it is driving me absolutely mad, nuts, crazy and totally loony. I have been getting by to a certain extent with using the MiFi, but even that is not working now. It seems to be one of those […]