The iPhone 6 – Our One Week Anniversary

A week with the iPhone 6 My first full day with the iPhone 6 and I felt a little bit disappointed with the amount of time I got out of the battery. I found myself wishing that I had bought the larger version which has the bigger battery and has been shown to last longer. […]

Geeky Happiness is an iPhone 6

I am a happy iPhone 6 user I did a lot the tracking to see how long it was going to take and exactly when I would get the iPhone in my sticky little fingers. You can imagine that I have been very busy playing with it ever since. I have been buying new apps […]

Apps for fitness and recording audio on the beach

listen to ‘Apps for fitness and recording audio on the beach’ on audioBoom Fitness applications on the iPhone 6 Lately, I have been successfully using the iPhone 6 and the application Map My Walk. It has been recording my walks using GPS. It tells me how far I have walked, my walking pace, how long […]