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Discovering great iPad art applications for creativity

Let’s take a look at Enlight. I am constantly amazed by the quality of the iPad art applications we have available for making innovative, fantastic digital art. One of my favourite iPad and iPhone art applications has been iColorama. I find it’s quite easy to get into a situation where you enjoy using a particular […]

Post PC Day 9 – iPad Artist

How to be an iPad Artist I am an iPad artist. The creativity comes through me mostly through writing these days but I still often have the times when all I want to do is create visual art. When I was at art college I was into the drawing, painting and print making. I really […]

The Good and Geeky iPad Artist

The Latest Book from Good and Geeky – iPad Artist It took me long time to create Good and Geeky iPad Artist because I was spending so much time using the art tools to create art. I have the Apple iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil and it is so easy to get lost in […]

Levels of Creativity in iPad Art Applications

I’m just thinking it would be a good idea to have some sort of rating system for the applications I review in the book. The writing would assess their creativity quotient. So applications that you can use to be more creative with would get a higher rating. Applications like Pixelmator for iPad and Procreate would […]

Creating art with iColorama on the iPad

I have fallen in love with the application iColorama. There isn’t a perfect art application on the iPad, but iColorama has such a lot in it. It is more than just an application for applying filters to photos. In the Apple App Store there are a huge number of photo filter type of applications of […]

Using The application Ink Artist for iPad

I have been looking at a number of art applications for the iPad . I started with the application Procreate which I found to be good application for drawing with. We also looked at the application ArtStudio which has more tools and is the one that is probably my current favourite. Then there is also […]

Angry art with ArtRage the iPad painting application

In the past I have been an art student at art college and I have stretched canvas and daubed paint in a creative way. These days I like my art to be digital, because I think it is great the way that you can create an image on an iPad and you don’t have to […]

Getting Started With the iPad Without the Need of an iPad Help Manual

IPad help manual for new users of iPad 3 Now that the iPad 3rd gen has been announced, there will be a lot of new users buying the Apple tablet device and there maybe one or two newbies that don’t know quite where to start. I know that for many of us, it seems a […]