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David Allen Wizardgold

David Allen Wizardgold

How to Be Good and Geeky One Step at a Time

A good day to do an upgrade to Yosemite and to iOS 8.1

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Good and geeky

I quite like OS X Yosemite

I took a little while to decide whether I should upgrade to the latest version of the Mac operating system OS X Yosemite. My main concern was whether the speech to text dictating engine DragonDictate would work or not. This is an application that I use every day and it is an application that I could not do without. I heard a couple of reports from two different sources to say that DragonDictate was working in the latest operating system from Apple and so I decided that I would just give it a go. Of course I did make sure that I had a number of backups done before I did the deed. For the first 24 hours of using Yosemite was not completely happy, but I think it was all working a little bit slow because of the things happening in the background as part of the upgrade. Today, one day later things do seem to be a little bit better although I have noticed that when I move from one screen across to the other there is a little bit of menubar icon jiggle. I did a restart of the system and it is starting to look a little bit better. That jangling of the icons also seemed to happen at the same time as everything went a little bit slow for a second or two. That wasn’t good either, but I think it is recently improved. There is a lot more testing to be done.

Apple iPad Air 2

Phone calls on the Mac with OSX Yosemite

I didn’t think that the phone and the Mac were going to be able to synchronise so that I could take a phone call on my Mac. So I was quite surprised when while sitting at my computer and a call came in I was given the option of answering it on the Mac. In fact I think it was also ringing on the iPad. I was using the microphone on my Mac to do some dictating and so I was a little bit slow to answer and I missed the call. I will have to get somebody to ring me and give it a try again. I really thought that it was going to be the absense of the Bluetooth 4 with low-energy on the iMac that was going to stop that from working. Although I did also get a message to say that I needed to be logged in with the same account on both devices. I thought I was logged in with the same credentials on both but maybe not. Ah! The joys of computing.

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