About the work in a Costa Brava Campsite by the beach

Practising other languages

This is my seventh summer working at a campsite situated on the beach in Costa Brava in Catalonia north eastern part of Spain . Every year I tell myself that I would like to be doing something else because the pay is not too good. Then again, there aren’t too many jobs around and there are times when I actually like doing the job. I get a chance to practice speaking German to our German-speaking guests. I am constantly speaking Spanish during the day when I’m working and I have to understand Catalan because some people speak to me in that language although generally I reply in Spanish. Sometimes they will switch to Spanish and sometimes they continue with Catalan and we manage to understand each other, usually.

Varied work at the camp site.

There are times when I’m working in reception and I am booking guests in using the computer and I quite like doing that. Then there are plenty of other times when I go outside to work the job where I am showing people to their plot or mobile home, so I get to do a lot of walking and cycling and generally running around. That is okay too as it keeps me fit and in better shape than if I am just sitting down all the time. I think having a mix of the both of those parts of the job is just spot on. The campsite is near to the harbour in Platja d’Aro

David on the Beach at Platja d Aro

People are interesting

Sometimes there are interesting things happen like when you have to deal with somebody who has a problem of one sort or other. For example, last year one of the cleaning women fell over and we had to get the ambulance in to take her off to hospital. Then another occasion there was some drunk youths who were walking past the campsite and wanted to get in early in the morning . I wouldn’t let them in as they were not customers and the guy was a bit aggressive. Still, nothing came of it in the end. Today at the end of the day one of the customers attacked one of my work colleagues and we had to get the police in. Quite unusual for this sort of problem to happen here at the campsite. I didn’t get to see it as I was in reception which new customers booking in. I miss all the excitement! Well it would have been worse if it was me that had been hit and if I had ended up with a busted nose.

Taking a dip to cool down in the hot summer

With the campsite being directly next to the beach I will often take the opportunity to go and have a dip in the sea when I consider that the temperature of water has risen sufficiently. I will perhaps take a dip some times when I have finished work and that might even be at night time and then I call it a stealth dip. When the weather is really very hot it can be just the ticket.

Helping people enjoy their holiday at the campsite

I really like the personal contact with the guests and two be thinking about how I can make their stay at the campsite better . Often times all it takes is a smile and doing a little helpful thing such as giving them a map or directions to a place or just going out of my way to be helpful. I find that people really appreciate this and I do is because it’s nice to have a pleasant experience with people. Sometimes all that is required is that human connection with a smile and a small joke and it personalises the experience and makes replacing more friendly. This could be something that I write about when I am using Markdown to author books and websites.