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David Allen Wizardgold

David Allen Wizardgold

How to Be Good and Geeky One Step at a Time

Apps for fitness and recording audio on the beach

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Good and geeky

Fitness applications on the iPhone 6

Lately, I have been successfully using the iPhone 6 and the application Map My Walk. It has been recording my walks using GPS. It tells me how far I have walked, my walking pace, how long I have been walking for and the calories I have used. It also shows the elevation above sea level so that it knows when I am walking up or down hills. It tells me my pace in terms of minutes per kilometre and there is even a graph which shows the pace versus elevation. That way you can see if you are getting slowed down by walking up hills. MapMyWalk is one of the applications that will link into other applications such as My Fitness Pal. In the settings you can connect it up to other applications and devices. The iPhone 6 itself is a fitness calculator using the specialist M7 chip. I might buy the FitBit and then again I might wait until the Apple Watch is available.

A bundle of fitness applications

I got five applications in the ‘Map My’ group of health applications and today I decided to try and use the MapMyRide as I was out on my electric bicycle. I used to use the application Noom on my android phone to record the details of my rides and I was quite happy with the way that worked. The iOS application Noom is not quite as advanced and I am changing over to use applications better suited to use on iOS. I’m not quite sure what is going on, but the Map My Ride didn’t record where I was with the GPS. I have had a look into the settings and so far I have not found out what the problem is. I am sure I will get to the bottom of the problem in time. I will try it out again the next time I go out with the bicycle. It is handy to have these things working automatically so that I don’t necessarily have to remember to set it up for recording the details. I do have the application Moves and that does some automatic recording of the number of steps I take the day. I aim to get 10,000 steps done daily to keep up my level of fitness. When I look into the Apple Health application I get a different number of steps than I get from the Moves application. So one of the applications is wrong or both of them and it is tempting to use the one that gives me the highest number.

Recording an Audioboom on the beach

It was quite windy when I was on the beach, but I still managed to record audio that was usable. I recorded into the application TwistedWave. The microphone that I used was the microphone that came on the headset and it did a good job of recording my voice. I didn’t need to use my lapel microphone made by Giant Squid that I often use along with TwistedWave.

Looking forward to Yosemite OSX

I am wondering how it is going to work out with DragonDictate working on my Mac when the new operating system from Apple it’s the streets. With the last update to Mavericks there was a few months where DragonDictate didn’t work properly and I had to upgrade to a new version. This time I will have to wait until DragonDictate works well with the latest operating system before I upgrade.

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