Dave Brown Mac20Q Podcast 9

Click on the picture to listen to Pocast

Click on the picture to listen to Pocast

Had a really enjoyable chat with Dave Brown from Adelaide in Australia. Dave produces the Australian Mac site and has made podcasts, screencasts, funny video’s starring parrots and is a hero to possums.

I had thought that Second life was for messing about and was more of a game but Dave uses it in a very educational way. He tells me about it in the podcast. I am tempted now to have another look at it.

Favourite iPhone app is Koipond. He is an aficionado of the Mac application Mac Speech. I should have know because in the email he sent to me after I first made contact there was a voice note in it rather than text. I will have to have a look at that too.

Dave frequents the Pussycat club on the British Mac site. I checked in there myself and I can attest that it is a good place to visit. I suggest the forum is a good place to hang out.

We talked about may things Mac and I just know you are going to love listening to the podcast. I think Dave must live out in the bush with all of the animals about the place. The Wood duck, possum, parrots that poo on the computers. It is a tough existence being a Mac in Dave’s house.

Here is a video of unusual Mac users.

Mac 20 Questions News

British Mac

Just visited the Pussycat club that is the British Mac podcast by Will Green. Not a lot of news in the period covered by the podcast so the content was thin in the Mac end of the wedge.
Nothing wrong with putting in other items to entertain though if there is a gap in the news.
Talking of News, Don McAllister thinks we are due for an announcement from Apple. I didn’t see what he thought might be coming in his posts from the Twitterverse.


I will probably record an interview today, different in that it will be face to face with a local Mac user and a female. The lesser spotted female Mac user will be able to give me an idea if the Mac has a feminine side or not.
Dave Brown, from Australia, Paul Shadwell who lives in Switzerland, Alvaro Monoz-Aycuens from Madrid, Allison Sheridan in the USA and the MacMommy also USa have said that they will tell me their deepest darkest secrets about how they use the Mac on a daily basis.
Rob Hanson who recently was on the Nosillacast will be talking soon about how he helps people switch to the Mac from Windows.

So you can see that I have a busy time ahead over the next couple of weeks. I will need extra space on Libsyn for all of these podcasts.

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Kogen Trueman Mac20Q Podcast 8

Talked to Kogen Trueman about using the Mac. He tells me a little about how he uses his iMac for home automation. It controls the lights and heating and saves him money with the electricity bill. How cool is that.

An application he recommends is Remember the Milk which is all about lists and To do things. There is a free version and a Pro version. The web side of the application is supported by an iPhone application also. I will give it a try and let you know how it goes.

Kogen also owns a Mac Mini, he bought it at the same time as the iMac because he got impatient waiting for the iMac to arrive. It does take a few days extra when you order extra memory or other non standard items.

Kogen recommended a  few podcasts. Mac OS Ken being one of them. I like that podcast too, in fact I am listening to that as I type this post. Techzilla from revision 3, BBC new podcasts, Mac Geek Gab and Mahalo Daily

I suggested that he gets a dog so that he has the time to listen to Audio Books

Life hacker is a site that Kogen likes to get information about tech things

John Ashton Mac20Q Podcast 7

Click Photo to play the Podcast

Click Photo to play the Podcast

This Podcast is with John Ashton from Bronte country in Yorkshire. John used to be a teacher and re trained to get involved in web design and graphics. He is working on a Web  site which is about the history of Bradford City Football club, called Bantams Past.

John has his own website called Ickledotco and he blogs on it about various interest and you should go and have a look. It contains all sorts, something for everyone. Radpidweaver,
Projects,television, Radio, Music, News, Food, swimming, travel, Art, local politics, Bradford, letters, Animals, Bookmarking, history, Macs, Blogging, sport, Politics, geese, education, creativity, social Networking, crime, language, twitter, WordPress, Writing, sleep, Blues, cats – all categories from the blog so that must give us an idea of the eclectic nature of the blog,

Suffice to say that Macs play a big role in all of this. John satisfies his creative urges using an iMac. He also has a recent post on his blog wishing the Mac a happy 25th Birthday.

Here is a taster from that post:

In 1994 I moved house, had a bit of spare money, and bought my first new Mac, a Performa, for around £1200. I loved it. Looking back it now seems quite limited with its floppy disk slot and lack of PC compatibility. Apple’s beautiful design specs had not yet arrived. Amazingly though, it did allow one to watch TV and by then I was beginning to dip my toe in the exciting world of the internet. I was also buying all the Mac publications I could lay my hands on: The Mac magazine, MacFormat and, of course, MacUser. My ‘toy shop’ of choice was (and still is) Hi Tec of Bradford (they too have an interesting Mac story – starting out in a parent’s bedroom and becoming a successful local company).

Amongst other things we talk about Fon and how you can use it to have wireless all around the world.

John - Self portrait

John - Self portrait

Enjoy the podcast….

Michael Smith Mac20Q Podcast 6

Click on picture to hear Podcast

Click on picture to hear Podcast

I had a nice little chat with Michael Smith which is the interview for Mac20Q Podcast number 7. Michael uses an iMac for video editing and also owns a MacBook and a Mac Mini. He is a user of Final Cut Pro

Michael is a student studying media studies so has a big interest in making video, he tells us little about what it is like to follow such a course. Some snippits of information

The MacMini is not being used right now but I was mentioning a few possible uses for it. Some people like to make them into a  media centre and then others use them to make a car based computer.

I have seen projects where they stash them in the glove box and add a small 7in monitor and a small keyboard. I suppose it is mostly going to be a media centre for the car mostly but it could perhaps have a GPS antenna connected and be a car GPS unit too. Don’t really know, just guessing on that one.
Michael has a web site at Sokar’s studio he blogs on this about his interests in Sci Fi communities and posts up links to video he has created.

Come on Mac girls

Five podcasts completed and another  interview recorded all with male participants. I am thinking the balance needs to be re dressed with an interview of the opposite sex. All we do is have a bit of a chat and you tell the podcast what your experience is of using a Mac. What do you think then ? Will you go for it and contact me so we can talk Macs and how you use them.

Allison of the NosillaCast has said that when will do an interview on the 13th of February, but that is not going to put much of a dent in the male – female scoreline.

Justin Byrne Mac20Q Podcast 5

Click on picture for Podcast

Click on picture for Podcast

Had a great chat with Justin and especially because I could talk to him about Ireland where I had a super 12 years as a resident in Virginia, Co. Cavan. No one ever knows where Cavan is and even some of the Irish people I have spoken to must have been asleep during the geography class at school. Two of my sons still live in Ireland going to college in Dublin.

Justin is a co presenter for a Mac podcast called Mac Craic which has an Irish slant, obviously. I subscribed to it yesterday in iTunes and I still have to listen to the first episode I have downloaded. I know that is going to be good though as Justin came across very clear, calm and collected in the interview.

In the picture you can see Justin with his Mac Craic co-presenter David, Allison from the excellent NosillaCast and the guy that fixes Honda cars.

Justin tells us how he bought a Mac off Ebay and OSX Tiger was the system he started with. Same as for me when I got the Mac Mini. Justin has to use a Windows machine at work but has used his Mac experience to try and improve his Windows experience. He is a bit of tech head and does a bit of  tech support where he works.

being totally up to date Justin gives us some news about legal decisions in France that could possibly affect iPhone users in Europe. Locking the iPhone down to single companies in a country is a pain in the rear. I would have stayed with Vodafone if I could have rather than move to Movistar, Telefonica.

We complain a bit about iTunes and the lock down that stops us getting movies and TV shows here in Europe. Justin would like to get his hands on a Drobo and we talk about back up strategies.

screenflow01The show sponsor is ScreenFlow from Flip4Mac. I use ScreenFlow to capture what I am doing on my Mac to produce screencasts, (like Don McAllister but obvious not quite as Professional) With ScreenFlow I can zoom in easily on a part of the screen to show some detail with a video event or I can use a mouse event to highlight what I am clicking on. The great part of the application is that I can edit the video captured within  ScreenFlow itself. I highly recommend it. The $99 price tag is well worth it for the facilities it has and the quality of video you can make with it.

Justin uses digital cameras, to record video and still images and puts these into iPhoto and iMovie to manipulate. Recently he has been helping his wife to make a slide show into a movie.

Justin has been know to use Crossover for Mac to be able to do some virtualisation, but prefers to keep his Mac free of Windows programs.

Justin has a horror story to tell us of how it cost about $100 to by data recovery software to get back files that were mistakenly deleted.

Another show sponsor is Mozy. A nice way to back up your files to the cloud. I downloaded the application yesterday and set it up to back up some of my files and it has been working well so far.

It has done 3 back ups including the first one. The 2nd and 3rd back ups it only moved some of the files, as in only backed up new or changed files. Sweet. Try it out for free with the up to 2GB option.

Justin gives us the low down on what it is like to buy a computer in Ireland and how there is a need to put an Apple Shop in Dublin. If Apple were to make a 15in MacBook Air he would be highly tempted to take the leap and get one.

Podcasts recomended by Justin Mac OSKen, The MacCast, The Mac Geek Gab

Eric Johnson Mac20Q Podcast 4

Click picture to hear the Podcast

Click picture to hear the Podcast

Had a good chat with Eric in the interview, the serious problem he has like many of us Mac users is “Toy Addiction” That’s obviously going to be a problem when Apple keep bringing new and sexy goodies.

He has a large iMac and is waiting on delivery of the new MacBook Pro 17in. Eric was telling me about Mint.com which is an online way of looking after your finances. More use to US users though due to the limited list of banking sites connected to it. I think I prefer to keep my money info with the bank directly.

hydraEric is a photographer with a Nikon and is interested in doing some HDR High Dynamic Range photos and we mentioned the applications Photomatix and one called Hydra. Photomatix is my preferred HDR software. I asked if he had, had the urge to get a book of photos printed using the Apple service but was unsure about the quality of the printing, so if any of you have knowledge of that please leave a comment belao.

He has VMware Fusion available if he has to run a Windows program but rarely uses it since changing job. Eric recomends adblock and the translator plug ins for Firefox. He says that Eventbox is worth looking at for us social networking types. I countered with my choice, which is Ping.fm and lately using with Blogo

Soul music is a passion for Eric and he contributes to a blog called Brown Sugar. An excellent resource if you are into soul music.

Chris Pinchen – Mac20Q Podcast 3


Last autumn I met Chris Pinchen at Podcamp Barcelona along with Don McAllister. The Podcamp was a success and of course amongst the podcasters there, there were a plethora of Mac users. Amongst the Mac persons  Chris Pinchen, who was also the organiser of the Podcamp. I have already conducted an interview of Chris for the Podcamp and naturally he had to be considered fair game to be a victim (I mean interviewee, just joking !!) for the Mac 20 Questions Podcast.

He is a Ludd Geek and you will find out the meaning of that in the podcast. Chris wants Apple to design a computer and software that he can command solely by voice as he doesn’t seem to like typing. He uses MacSpeech Dictate. Amongst the favourite applications Garageband comes top of the list, with him being a musician and that’s what he like to mess with on a day off and just messing about computing.

Chris works as an English teacher and likes to use Spaces to organise his desktop in OSX and he tell us all about that in the interview. With Spaces he likes to use apps called Dock Spaces and Space Suit to make it work better for himself.

He uses Google docs to store the work he does with his English students, so he is definitely not afraid of using the cloud to store files. Another place of storage he uses is called Mozy on which he has 2 GB of storage space for back ups. You get 2GB for free and unlimited space for a small monthly fee. I am a user of Mobile Me so have some storage space there. Don’t use it that much, but perhaps I ought to.

Chris also mentioned as an application he uses and asked me to mention Scrivener. I downloaded Scrivener after hearing about it from Andy Inhatko on Mac Break Weekly. Andy is a journalist with a Boston Newspaper and regularly comments on things Macintosh, he waxed lyrical about Scrivenor saying what a boon it was for him as a professional writer. I have really only had time for a quick look, but it looks nice and has a full screen mode that forces concentration on the job in hand. Skitch is a tool that you can use to do screen grabs and then annotate the image. I have it on my computer but often forget about it and go for the Cmd,Shift+4 to make a screen grab. I have just used it to do a test of  it again and I like it – Must leave it open and ready to play with, for sure.

Chris is doing some translation on a site called Citilab and is organising an event called InnocampMediteranea which will take place in May.

Wayne Priestly – Mac20Q-podcast 2


Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Wayne, otherwise known as Legion11. You can follow him by that name on Twitter. We had a good chat based on the Mac twenty questions. A family man and it was great to hear how his young son has taken to using the Mac like a duck takes to water. Wayne  is in the process of getting the rest of the family switched over to the Mac too.

Wayne has an ongoing project at the moment to learn about AppleScript, which is interesting because I think that AppleScript is an under used resource on the Mac, so I wish Wayne luck with that. I think that is going to be a well thumbed book you have there Wayne. Truely, a Geek in Training. We mentioned Bart Bushotts and his information he has made available about using Terminal while talking about geekyness.

Again my interviewee waxed lyrical about ScreencastsOnline so I have put that in as the sponsor for the show on this podcast. I think that much of the Mac community has already signed in blood to be a user of Don’s Screencastsonline but if you haven’t done that yet then please use the link in this post to check out ScreencastsOnline.

Wayne is still on his first Mac, a MacBook Pro he bought April 2007 which came with OSX Tiger, he changed to OSX Leopard as soon as it became available and he is planning to get a portable Mac when funds allow. Wayne and his son like movie making with iStopMotion from Boinx Software. They will spend a half a day to make a very short movie, so Wallace and Grommit watch out.


We talk about word processing software, including iWork, Open Office and Bean. Bean is interesting, as it is free and good. Wayne’s daughter is using Bean for her school work and is happy with what it does and how it works.

There is some chat about backing up, virus problems with Windows and some just general Windows bashing, just for fun you understand.

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