Brutal Metal and pretty flowers

one of my favourite subject matters for photography is urban decay or industrial images. Here is a photo that I took on a visit to a mining museum in Northumberland in England. I really enjoyed walking around the place and seeing all of the great big lumps of mining machinery. Even when these things are not actually working they look so powerful and potent in terms of objects. It reminds me of when I was at art college and one of my favourite places to draw and paint was in the Leeds industrial Museum. There are times though, when I am not near to some of this type of landscape and I have to resort to taking pictures of fields with flowers in. Nothing wrong with flowers that are pretty and colourful, in fact I really like brightly coloured objects very much indeed, but give me something urban and dilapidated and I’m really quite happy.

I have no idea what’s this white painted lump of metal does, or did in the mine, but it certainly looks really impressive and full of purpose. You have to kind of wonder what sort of life this machinery had before it got put out to grass. And talking about grass, that’s where the link comes in with the compare and contrast photo which has yellow and red flowers in a field out in the country.