Catalan Lovers Day is good for men that like to read

George and the Dragon, or is it Jordi?

Talking about a Catalan tradition that celebrates the slaying of a dragon by a knight. The story goes that the rose has been turned red because of the blood of the Dragon which fell upon it. I’m not quite sure how it translated so that it became about romance and a lovers day in the same way as St Valentines. The story is completely mirrored by the English version which is about St George who killed the Dragon and became the patron saint of England. The English version of the tradition doesn’t have the gift of a book for the guy and the gift of a rose for the girl. I feel quite fortunate to be getting a book rather than a flower because I like books. I suppose girls will always love to be given a rose anyway, although there may be some girls that would prefer a book too.

A good deed for the day

When I bought the rose was given a second rose by the shop and when I was on my way home I called in to a friend. I asked him if he had bought a Rose for his wife and he hadn’t! So my good deed for the day was to offer the spare rose that I had, so that he was going to be able to stay sweet with his wife.

Tired and grumpy

Yesterday I was tired and grumpy and it was mainly due to starting work too early in the morning at 6 o’clock. I had to be up at silly o’clock so that I could get to work on time. I would also been grumpy due to the boss likes to complain far too often. I often say ‘another day, another new telling off’ and it has got to the stage that I know that these are coming and I just have let them run off like water off a duck’s back.

Making videos for YouTube

Finished off making the video about the Application called CleanMyMac, which is a very useful tool for recovering space on the hard drive and possibly making your computer run faster. The idea behind it is lean, clean and mean and I was able to get rid of 32 GB of stuff from the hard drive. Since I have run this application and deleted the files that I didn’t need, everything has been working so far without any problems.

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