iPad Mini 2012 – It’s coming

iPad Mini 2012 – It’s coming

At the moment, it is all still rumours regarding the iPad mini release date. If you work on the basis of there is no smoke without fire, there is a good chance that there will be an iPad Mini 2012. It seems that the sales of other 7 inch tablets has given proof to the fact that there is a market for such a device. Personally, I think that the iPod Touch is in serious need of an update and an iPad mini could be that device. It might not be too long before we see an iPad Mini release. Of course we don’t yet know the iPad Mini release date. Apple are very good at keeping secret the final word on new products, despite all of the attempts by the rumour mongers at industrial espionage.

Ipad mini 2012

Guessing the iPad mini 2012 specifications

At the time of writing this article, it is rather a waste of time and effort in trying to guess the iPad Mini specs. But that doesn’t stop the fans of the Mac and iOS, from saying what they would like to see as the specifications for a smaller iPad. There will be some Apple fans that would like to see a 16 x 9 widescreen device, but I suspect that will be unlikely. If there was a change in the video ratio then that would entail software to be written specifically for such a device.

free applications

I expect the new iPad Mini to have pretty much the same capabilities that the present new iPad already has. The smaller form factor will be the only differentiator, probably, because I’m only guessing. There is talk that the iPad Mini 2012 will surface sometime during October. Apple commentators in the know, seem to think that there will not be an announcement about the iPad Mini 2012 at the iPhone 5 announcement. This is because to do so would steal the thunder from the iPhone 5 arrival. Besides, Apple fans can only take so much excitement in one day.

Apple iPad Mini release date

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever when this new device might be unveiled to the public. If you have any ideas or inside knowledge, why not leave a comment below in the comment section of this article. I would love to hear your views on when you think there will be the announcement from Apple regarding the smaller iPad. Do you think it will actually be called the iPad Mini? It could quite legitimately be called the iPad Maxi, what do you think of that then?

iPad Mini Rumors

As I have already commented upon in a YouTube video on the Wizardgold video channel, I do not like to deal in rumours. I would much rather wait until there is an actual announcement from our favourite fruit flavoured computer manufacturer in Cupertino. There will always be rumours about the next products coming out of Apple. Often these rumours will start just a couple of hours after the release of the latest version of that product. Such is the way of the Apple universe.

iPad Mini SIM

There has been talk about the size of the Apple iPad SIM coming in a nano size. This is because Apple were in the driving seat with regards the creation of a smaller SIM. This being a Nano SIM in comparison to the size of the SIM card, that is presently in the iPhone 4 and 4S. With the mobile devices getting smaller and smaller, even gaining a small amount of space by using a smaller iPad Mini SIM could make a design difference. It would be great to do away with the need for a Sim altogether, as that would free up even more space. One would think that it would be possible to have a software-based SIM card these days.

Keep watching the Apple iPad Mini news

In the meantime we will have to make do with what we have already, with our amazing iPad. I am finding that I carry my iPad with me more and more. I’m always downloading new software and finding more uses for what is becoming my favourite computer. There are some tasks that I prefer to sit in my office chair and be in front of my iMac, but there are some big things that I can now do with my iPad. I am finding loads of educational uses for the iPad, both on the teacher side and the student side.

First Impressions iOS5 – Latest OSX Lion – iCloud – Moving Files To iPad

First impressions of using iOS 5 and iCloud

Well as you know I have been chomping at the bit, completely desperate to get my hands on the latest operating system for the iPad and the iCloud that goes with it. On iCloud day I had to wait until three or four o’clock in the afternoon before it became available to me. As soon as I saw that it was available to download, I began the process. What I had to do first was to upgrade my Mac to 10 point seven point two. I did start to download of the iOS 5 update in iTunes also at the same time, but I found that it just made the Mac update come in so much slower. So I paused that download and had the Mac updates coming by itself. So one step at a time!

The Amazing iPad

iOS5 Plus Latest Lion Plus iCloud Plus Apps – Snails Pace Internet

I have a very slow Internet connection here, it is rated at 1 MB download, but actually comes in at around about 880 kb, so the downloads will come in a very slowly. They actually took hours and hours to complete and it was getting towards the wee small hours of the morning when I was able to do any updating to my system. The update of 10.7.2 on the Mac was flawless and I had no problems at all with that part of the upgrade. I went into iTunes and I resumed the download of iOS five, then I had to wait another couple of hours. There was one more download that needed to be done to be able to have all of the dominoes in a row, that was iPhoto. The Photo Stream is part of iCloud and so that is why iPhoto was also necessary to do the full upgrade.

iCloud and iOS5 Downloads hammer Apple Servers

IOS5 and iCloud

I actually left the download of the iOS 5 running and went to bed. The only trouble is, in the middle of the night. I couldn’t sleep and had to get up to go to the fridge to get a drink. It is always dangerous for a geek to do that, as geeks are unable to resist the lure of the computer. Normally a geek will go in and check e-mails and then go back to bed. Can you imagine how much more difficult it was to resist the lure, when there is a new operating system being downloaded. I just couldn’t help myself, I had to see if the download had completed.

The Amazing iPad did it while I was Sleeping

Not only had the download completed of iOS 5, but it had installed itself onto the iPad also. There were a number of tabs on the screen of the iPad that was necessary to answer some questions to set up iOS 5. I didn’t make a note of the items necessary to input some data to set it up, but one of was to allow the iPad to tell iCloud about the location of it.

On my iMac there was a dialogue box, it came up for iCloud and there were switches to switch on and details to enter. One of my main considerations was the iCloud e-mail, as I did not know how that was going to work out. In the past with the iTunes Apple ID account that I have, I did have an e-mail address, from when I used to MobileMe for about a year and a half. When I set up the mail account for iCloud, it seemed to take some time to set itself up and didn’t give me any feedback about my e-mail address. In the end what I decided to do was to guess that my new e-mail address would in fact be my old MobileMe e-mail address. I was right – and I was able to test that by sending an e-mail from my Gmail account to the iCloud e-mail address.

Using an Apple ID to Hook into iCloud

It was only when I decided to go to iCloud.com and to login with my Apple ID, that I found that it was possible to have alias e-mail addresses too. To set these up you open up the mail on iCloud.com and hit the gear wheel in the top right-hand corner to get to the preferences. In the second Tab you will see that there is a small amount of information about your iCloud IMAP account. You will see there is a description, a place to have your full name, your e-mail address and the e-mail address type. To the left of that there is a box and at the bottom of the box you can tap on the link for Add an alias. You can add up to 3 aliases, so far I have added two. I did try for one alias e-mail address name, but it was not available. Obviously somebody else had got in there before me.

The Amazing iPad

With the alias e-mail address, you can give it a label colour and put a tick in the box to receive mail and send mail from this alias. Also in the preferences for the e-mail you can set the rules for the composition of your e-mails. You may decide to have the original message in there, when you reply, you can see which e-mail address you will send you messages from and you can also add a signature to the outbound mail. Within these preferences, also you can set up some rules for incoming mail and set up a vacation message if you need one.

More about iCloud.com

When you open up the website, you will see five icons, looming large in the middle of your webpage. You will have access to Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone and for iWork. Clicking on any of these icons will take you into whichever area of iCloud you want to use. Of course I clicked on each of these icons in turn, to see what was in them. When I clicked on the iWork icon, there was not much in their only some links to Pages to go and buy the iWork applications for the iPad. I did wonder what that was all about because I have actually bought those items already. After that I actually went off to spend some time at my Spanish class, when I got back I have been looking into it further, and it seems that I have to do some upgrades to the iPad iWork applications. Yesterday they were a whole load of upgrades to applications and today there are another bunch of applications needing to be updated. Obviously this upgrade to iOS five is a big one, all of the developers have had to do some sort of upgrade, to have the application ready for the new iOS.

The iCloud mail connection is not quite right

ICloud email

I tested e-mail by sending out an e-mail from the Lion mail application. I also tested the way that the e-mail was working, by sending an e-mail from the web iCloud site. There was a little bit of fiddling to do, to make sure that I had the correct passwords, but it did have it working. That was first thing this morning and now when I got back from my classes find that there is new difficulties with the e-mail application connecting to iCloud. Test e-mails I’ve just sent are not arriving in the Lion mail application. While I am sure that I will probably get this sorted out sometime quite soon, I am not really feeling very confident in the abilities of iCloud e-mail at this very moment.

If you do need to know more and you are struggling with anything, you can get to the help pages for iCloud. There is a small help icon top right-hand corner on the iCloud webpage, click on that to get to all of the help pages. Or if you click on your name, which is also in that top right corner, when you get your account details dialogue box, you will see in the top left corner another way to get into the iCloud help.

I went back into the mail application and did a bit of changing things and setting up and Lo and behold the mail is working properly. I am not really quite sure exactly what I did to change it, so that it worked again, in fact not sure that I even changed anything at all. Is just good to know that the iCloud mail is working once again.

Reminders and Notifications

If you set up a reminder using the new reminders app on iOS 5, as I did this morning in my iPad, when you want to see those reminders in the iCloud web pages, you will find them in the Calendar application. I tested it out this morning, the ability to create a reminder and I can see that reminder I created, in a sidebar to the right-hand side of the calendar window in iCloud.com. At the top of that calendar, in the centre you have day, week, month and list. To the left of that there is a toggle button which shows or hides your calendars in a sidebar on the left-hand side. To the right of those centre buttons is your notifications button. So far I have pressed,the button and it says I have no notifications. I wonder where those notifications will be coming from?

iOS5 and iCloud and the Calendar App

In the top right hand corner of the calendar window, you have another button which allows you to go to preferences and is also where you go if you want to create new events, reminders, calendars or reminder lists. There is some navigation available from that button too, where you can – Go to Today, Go to Date and where you can show and hide reminders.

At the bottom of the screen in that web page, you see a button for going to today’s date and in the centre, I really like the scrollbar which allows you to move forward and backwards in time, depending upon whether you are in the day, week, or month view. Then in the bottom right-hand corner there is the plus button, which allows you to create a new event. A dialogue will pop up where you can input the name of the event and the location, the times and dates and all of the other things that you would expect to find in a calendar event. It was necessary for me to go into the preferences for the calendar, so that I could set the dates to the correct format of day, month and year. I think it is a little bit odd to have the month first.

Getting back to iCloud and iWork

This article is all about the first impressions of iCloud, so I won’t apologise for the fact that I am jumping around from one subject matter within iCloud to another. So after spending some time getting the e-mail working right and also with just exploring various parts of iCloud, by that time I had the iPad, iWork application upgrades downloaded. So for my next trick I have reconnected the iPad with the cable to my iMac and I will see what is necessary to be able to use iWork documents with iCloud.

At some point in time during the setting up of iCloud, I did flick the switch to allow the iPad to be updated via Wi-Fi, so maybe I didn’t need to connect by USB cable. In any case though, doing this over cable will be faster because of the quite large files that I need to transfer to the iPad that I have just downloaded.

IWork convert and download to powerpoint

Document Types – Choose Your Poison

So the first thing to do once the new applications had downloaded is to open up the iWork iPad application, Pages. I just had one document in there and as I was about to open it up I noticed that that document was giving indications that it was being uploaded to iCloud. In iCloud.com web page, that document appears and to get access to it I have to click on download. Mind you it seems like that is something that you would do if you were not on your own Mac and instead you were using somebody else’s Mac. Or you could do that if you were working on somebody else’s Windows computer even , because there were options as well, to download as either a PDF or a Word document.

The next thing to work out, is how do I get iCloud to update files that are on my iMac or files that are on my iPad, in such a way that there is synchronisation so I can always pick up just where I left off. I opened Pages on the iMac and started to look for the file that I had just been working with, on the iPad. I did close the file first on the iPad as I would imagine there could be some problems, if the same file is worked on in two places at the same time. There could quite easily be some synchronisation confusion. In this first instance of trying out this feature of iCloud, it hasn’t actually worked for me. So much for intuitive use of Apple Apps – I had better do some reading of the help pages for iCloud.

Right or Wrong?

It seems that maybe I was doing it correctly, for in the documentation it says that to get documents from the desktop computer, you drag and drop it into iCloud. I took a Keynote file and dragged it and dropped it into the iCloud Tab that I had open in my Chrome browser. As I am writing this the 13 MB file is being uploaded to iCloud. I did think that the way that this was going to work was that a folder of Pages documents would automatically be uploaded to the iCloud, in the same way as happens with Dropbox. I am disappointed as it seems not be the case.

I have just opened up Keynote on the iPad and on the first screen I am being asked if I want to use iCloud. I answer yes to that question, the next screen asks me if I want to use Keynote or learn more about it. Next I am looking at the Keynote presentations previously uploaded to the iPad and already they are being sent to iCloud. As soon as the Keynote presentation became available from iCloud, it popped up as one of the Keynote files available for me to open. Of course it is necessary for it to be completely downloaded before it can be opened. I really do need a much faster Internet connection.

Not as good as I was expecting it to be

So after some testing of this iWork iPad with iCloud system of working on documents in more than one place and having a way to continue where we left off, I can say that it does actually work. It isn’t quite as seamless as I thought it would be. When it was being talked about by the geeks on the Mac podcasts and from my understanding I got from how it was talked about by Apple, I thought it would be more automatic.

IWork iPad

Not the same as the versioning in OSX Lion

As part of OS X and Lion we have it so that documents can be worked on and they will have versioning, in as much as every 5 min any changes that are made to the file will be written to a versioning system, that is a bit like Time Machine. This allows us to go back to a file that we were working on yesterday, to take something that we deleted and bring it back again. I imagined that iCloud would somehow join up with that functionality, so that there would always be the latest version of the file available within iCloud. For that to happen there has to be some sort of continuous uploading and downloading to and from iCloud. Taking a step back to have a look at the way this works, it does seem to make sense with it as it is. If the system was continuously doing some uploading and downloading, then that could lead to some bandwidth problems and maybe even some synchronisation difficulties.

Keynote and how it works with iCloud

With the Keynote document that I just uploaded to iCloud, I noticed that in iCloud.com, when I clicked on it I was given the choice of how I wanted to download it. – Well maybe there is the choice about how you want to download a file? I have just taken another look, and with the file that is in iCloud that came from the iPad, when I select it with the cursor in Mac OS X Lion, I see the button to click on for download. From that button I have the choice of Keynote 09, PDF or PowerPoint. This will be very useful for my wife who has to work in a Windows environment. If she is at work and needs a file from iCloud that is in Keynote format, then she could choose to download it as a PowerPoint, so that it would be converted and ready to use, right there and then.

ICloud and iOS5

Moving files to iPad via iCloud

The other file that is in my iCloud Keynote folder is one that I just uploaded to iCloud. When I select that one, and I see the yellow border around the file, in contrast I do not get the option to download it. Maybe the iCloud system and the way it works knows that, there is no need to download it because it is the same file exactly as the one sitting here are my iMac computer. So for the next part of the test I go to the iPad and open the file there. Although there is some complaining by the iPad, that it is necessary for me to download extra fonts or themes, it does the job. At the same time as the iPad opens the file, the large icon for the file within iCloud in the web browser also changes from the generic Keynote icon to the image which is the first slide of the Keynote presentation. One more thing, in iCloud.com, with the file icon selected the download button is now visible. This is despite the fact that all I did was open the Keynote presentation. I suppose the fact that the iPad made some changes, automatically just because they were necessary to work with the iPad Keynote app.

More iCloud fiddling and twiddling to come

So this first look at iCloud in particular and iOS five slightly, is a very personal look at how it has worked for me on day one of having it available. There are quite a few things that I haven’t tried yet and there will be one or two things that I can’t try until I have the technology in terms of the latest and greatest and shiniest of the toys from Apple. Yes the iPhone 4S – we are talking about you. That latest iPhone iteration is not available in Spain until the end of this month and going on previous performance of the mobile phone providers here in Spain, I wouldn’t be surprised if it took longer than that.

In any case, look out for the next instalment of the iOS 5 and iCloud for iPad review, which will be coming out on a website near you very soon.

The Amazing iPad

Shooting Photos with the iOS 5 Camera App

Jumping the gun with iOS 5 and iCloud

I made a start to the day, thinking that the date today was 12th of October, naturally I was a little excited at the thought of getting my hands on the latest operating system for iDevices, the iPhone, the iPad and also the iPod touch. I should have actually looked at the calendar first, because it is actually only the 11th of October. No problem really as the articles as I have already written today and the rest of about iOS 5 and iCloud, will be more than just timely ready for tomorrow. In my defence I would say that I am not 100% today as I am suffering with a stomach bug. I blame the visit to IKEA yesterday, seeing as my wife had a similar problem, although hers started yesterday on the way home from the shop.

In any case I am still looking forward to the debut of iOS five and iCloud, the only difference being that I will be enjoying it one day later. So what else am I looking forward to?

Improvements to the Camera app in iOS 5 for iPad and other iDevices

Apple have made changes to the camera app and mainly it is about the speed with which you can use the camera to capture that special moment. Far too often, you see something that you would like to take a photograph of, but by the time you have the iPhone or iPad out of your bag or pocket and ready, the moment has vanished. With iOS5, Apple have made changes so that, at the very least the camera will be ready much faster.

Better Still to Have the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 as a Pair.

Apple  iPhone 4S

Of course it will help if you have a newer faster iPhone as well and I don’t at the moment. The new iPhone 4S does look very enticing, seeing as I am still using the iPhone 3G. Even buying an iPhone that is not the latest model, the iPhone 4 is still available at around about €120 cheaper, it’s another option that I am considering.

It is always great to have the latest, fastest and shiniest of the technology being pushed out to us geeky fan boys. I will just have to ask myself if the faster processor and the ability to use Siri, the talkative app, will be worth spending the extra money. The Camera is also 8 megapixels on the iPhone 4S instead of the old 5 megapixels.

Enjoy being able to take photos quicker

In the new features of the camera app, you can use the camera directly from the lock screen, no having to do a swipe first. There are gridlines to help line up your photograph, pinch to zoom gestures, single tap focus and exposure locks, all combining together. to help us get better iPad photos or iPhone photos. It will also make a lot of sense to have Photo Stream enabled within iCloud, so that the photographs automatically will be downloaded to all of our Apple devices. When Apple were demonstrating the iPhone 4S at the recent Apple Let’s Talk iPhone event, they did spend some time showing how much faster it is to take the initial photo and also subsequent photos using that device.

The iPad camera will always be a few steps behind the iPhone camera.

I am still hoping that with the iPad 3, whenever it comes out, we’ll have a better camera also. In terms of marketing the Apple iPhone and the iPad, it could be to the advantage of Apple to have a poorer camera available for the iPad. Give the iPad a camera, just so that they can say that there is one, but always leave the iPhone as a better camera device. This way we will always want to have both devices and will be prepared to spend the money for the extra megapixels.

Other Photo editing apps for iPad

IOS 5 photo app

On this website I have already talked about how the Photo application will be enhanced. Go now look at the iOS Photo application information and see what can be done with the better editing facilities. It may also be the case that there will be enough power in the new Photo application that we will need fewer photo enhancing apps, such as Fx Photo Studio HD, Adobe Photoshop Express for iPad, QQ image editor HD, or maybe you just want to be social with your photos with Instagram. Some of the photo editing softwares I have just mentioned, are free, so you might as well get them anyway.

Read more about iOS five and iCloud.

12th of October is iCloud Day

Tomorrow is iCloud Day and iOS 5 Day

The Amazing iPad

There has been talk by some of the Apple cynics, about how well iCloud will work. They are basing this on past versions of MobileMe, which did have few difficulties on release. To be fair there are a number of things that could go wrong, doing synchronisation of data does have the possibility of screwing up, fairly easily. I would like to think though, that Apple have learned from the previous difficulties with cloud computing and that the large data centre that they have now, is up to the job and more.

What’s we will not be getting as iPad users with iOS five

Just thinking about Siri, and wondering whether this is an iOS five or an iCloud new thing, but you’re not be able to use Siri new iPad. This is probably because to use Siri you need to have more memory. So even though you are running the A5 processor you still don’t have sufficient technology in order to be able to run Syria and talk to your iPad. If you want to do dictation you can still use Dragon dictation. It is just that you won’t be able to use the functions that Siri offers of setting up appointments, or have the integration with the system that the new service offers.

What is going to be good in iOS five

According to the iOS five on the Apple site, there are over 200 new features added.

  • Notification centre
  • Newsstand
  • iMessage
  • Reminders
  • Twitter integration
  • PC free
  • Camera enhancements
  • Photos App will do more
  • Improvements to Safari including tabbed browsing
  • Enhancements to the mail app
  • Improvements to calendar
  • Wi-Fi sync
  • Multi-gestures for iPad
  • Airplay mirroring

There are quite a lot of improvements to the operating system of the iPad which will arrive to us at some point during the day of 12th October. Depending on how you use your iPad, which of these broad areas of system improvements, that gets you excited, will be different. With such a big upgrade though, there is sure to be something for everybody.

IOS 5 and iCloud whats coming

iCloud Day Brings the Notification centre

It will be handy to have all our alerts in one place, whatever it is that we are doing. When you get in a new e-mail, a text or friend requests there will be a notification at the top of your screen and you can swipe down to have a look at them. If you don’t want to deal with them, the notification will disappear after a delay, so that you can deal with them later. When your iPad is in the lock screen situation you can swipe in order to be able to respond to one of your notifications. It will be interesting to see in use, exactly how that works. Will responding to one of your notifications unlock your iPad? Will we have to put in the password, or if not, does the iPad stay locked except for the notifications that you work with?

iMessage on iCloud Day

The users of the BlackBerry have been using the BlackBerry messaging service instead of sending text messages. The benefits of that is that they’re not using costly text messages as provided by the phone provider. iMessage will give us the same sort of messaging capabilities between people with an iDevice. You will still have to use the text messaging service that comes with a phone, if you want to send a text message to a friend without an Apple iDevice.

The Amazing iPad

There is a messages app and your use that to send text, photos, videos, your location and contacts. You will be able to send a group messages and be able to track your messages with delivery receipts and optional read receipts. Just the same as within Skype messaging, you will be able to see when somebody else is typing, to know that a new message will be coming in quite soon. If you have started a message session on your iPhone, it is not going to be a problem to pick up your iPad and continue the conversation, right where you left off.

Page Two about iCloud Day

Getting the iPad Cheaper – Could an iPad Price Reduction? Happen

iPad Price Reduction – What Are the Chances?

It is quite unlikely that there will be a price reduction of the iPad within the near future. This is largely down to marketing economics and the relationship of the demand for the iPad with the supply of it. Apple seem to be making the iPad as fast as it is possible, and they’ve even taken steps to increase the manufacture of the device. Foxcon, who are the maker of the iPad in China, have branched out to build a factory in Brazil, so that more iPads can be made. Foxcon have invested $12 billion in the creation of the new factory and the world supply of iPads will benefit from this. The users of the iPad within Brazil, will benefit hugely, because they will be able to buy an iPad cheaper, because up until now there has been a large import tax or duty for the Brazilian iPad owners to pay. Despite the increasing manufacture of the iPad with a new factory, the demand for the iPad increases and will not lead to a worldwide iPad price reduction.

iPad price reduction

Currency changes and an iPad price reduction

Within a specific currency market or country, if the currency changes sufficiently in relation to the dollar, then there could be the possibility of an iPad price reduction. This has been seen in the past with other Apple products, most notably recently, with Apple products in Switzerland. It is not in relation to any need by Apple to reduce the price due to manufacturing economics, or a need to be able to sell the product.

The Amazing iPad

iPad price reduction – cost and the value

When a new model of the iPad is introduced, quite often we see that the price will stay the same. The value of the products in comparison to the cost of it, to the end user will be higher than with the previous model, due to the higher technology being available at the same price. It could almost be said that there is an iPad price reduction, in as much as you are getting more for your money. It seems that we see what can the iPad can do and we just want one.

Apple is an extremely profitable company, and the products produced by the computer company from Cupertino, are always highly desirable high end devices. The design of the devices and the perceived excellence of the Apple computers, are such that Apple could probably even increase prices and still sell as many in the computer market. Although there will come a point in the process it will just seen as Apple being greedy. Seems like that Apple have the price just spot on for now.

It is because the iPad is available at a number of price levels, that there will be a suitable iPad for a variety of depth of wallet. This, perhaps, allows the iPad sales to increase overall. When somebody is not able to buy the highest end of the iPad range, then they are able to cut their cloth accordingly, and buy a cheaper model. There you have another reason why it is not going to be happening soon, that there will be an iPad price reduction.

Best Deal On iPad – How To Save Money On Buying Good Tech

Best deal on iPad

Whatever sort of electronic device, techno-toy, serious computer for work and iPad that you wish to buy, you’re going to be looking for the best deal that you can get. Obviously in these days of buying hardware and software online, you can do a search for the product but you’re looking to buy, so that you know where you will get the best price. To get the best deal on iPad, whichever model let you decide to buy, it is probably a good idea to have a look at a list of prices to see if there is anywhere that are selling at a bargain price. Often it can be that you have to research the prices online and then go to a store nearby, to be able to take advantage of that price.

The Amazing iPad

Where is the best deal on iPad – online stores or off-line stores

For me, the best deal on iPad, but I’ve found so far, it has been to look in the Apple Refurb store. In the refurbished store you will generally find that you can get a discount of around 14 to 16%. If you are prepared to have a slightly older model then you can get an even bigger discount of maybe up to around 24 or 25%.

Another possibility for getting the best deal on iPad is if you, or a family member or in education, either as a student or as a teacher or lecturer, then you can use the education store and get a discount for maybe around 12 to 15%. I am fortunate enough that my wife is a teacher, and my last iMac we were able to get ourselves a good discount, saving around €150. I have found out that if you are looking to get an educational discount, to have the best deal on iPad, it may not be possible. Every time I have looked for a deal for the iPad in the Education Store, there have been none available at a reduced price.

Apple iPad

Sometimes, it can be worthwhile to have a look in the Amazon store, you will see the iPad at a slight discount, compared to the price in the Apple Store. It is exactly the same product, only the prices are different, and sometimes it can be a good idea to have a look. When looking at the Amazon store for the best deal on iPad, some of the sellers that sell through Amazon, although not actually Amazon itself, can also have good iPad deals.

iPad 3 – where will be the best deal on iPad 3

It will be a case of looking in the usual places for the best deal on iPad 3, Apple Refurb store, Apple education store and Amazon, plus the Amazon sellers. What might help in getting the best deal on iPad, is to wait until the latest version of the iPad becomes available, and get one of the older models at a substantially reduced price. Whether you are buying the new iPad 3 or buying one of the older models, if one of the older versions suits you best, it is certainly a good time to buy when there is a version change.

When you are buying the iPad 3, and it is newly to the market, then you are getting a model that will not need to be upgraded, in fact it is unable to be upgraded, for quite some time. The usual cycle for the upgrades from Apple, of the iPad is round about one year. Plan your purchases and have the money saved up ready for buying when the bargains hit the stores.

The Amazing iPad

When Does The New iPad Come Out

When Does The New iPad Come Out, Really?

This question, about when does the new iPad come out, is one that is frequently discussed on many of the Mac-based podcasts. Usually these stories, questions and rumours surface on a day when there is little or no Apple news of any substance. Leo Laporte and his cohorts, the podcasters that are found on the Mac roundtable, just love to talk complete rubbish about something which they have absolutely no idea about, with the regards to the real story. As much as possible I will disregard and ignore any of the rumour stories that come out around the question of when will the new iPad come out. This is because, nobody knows, except Apple when will the next ipad come out.

Talking About When Does The New iPad Come Out

My desire to ignore the rumours, and get fed up by the mashing up of all the rumours by the podcaster’s, doesn’t stop me from wondering myself about when does the new iPad come out. This is because at the moment I have the iPad 1 and I enjoy using it very much. The iPad 1 does all that I ask it to do, I have no need of the camera on the iPad. The camera on the iPad is of low quality anyway. The increased speed of the iPad 2, of course would be nice, but for the moment this is of no consequence to me. But what is worth considering though in terms of when does the new iPad come out, is the timing of when to buy a new one. There is nothing worse than buying a new techno-toy and only a week later there is a new version, that is fast, sexy and improved in all sorts of ways.

When Does The New iPad Come Out

With Apple, if something like that happens, less than 2 weeks after your purchase, you do have the option of taking the Mac or iPad or whichever device back to the store, and getting a full refund. Then you’re able to buy the latest and greatest, new and shiny, computing device to pull on your desk or to put in your pocket.

Working Out When Does The New iPad Come Out

When you are asking yourself the question when will the new iPad come out, it is therefore a good idea to look at past performance, regards upgrades to hardware, to help you make your decision. If for example, Apple are known to bring out a new product in the iPod range in September or October, then buying a new iPod in August would not be terribly sensible. It would certainly make a lot more sense, for you to wait and see what happens during the months of September or October. It might even be a good idea to have a listen to whatever rumours may be circling, and there will surely be some, to also help you work out your plan of action.

Apple iPad video resolution

There is talk at the moment, that Apple might upgrade the iPod by adding 3G connectivity to it, which would kind of make it, an iPad nano. Seeing as I am a person that doesn’t make any phone calls, I would be quite happy to have a iPod that was as fast as the iPhone, and could do all the same things as the iPad, but was smaller. Adding the 3G connectivity to an iPod, would make it a very desirable device to have. Apple does like to have some differentiation between products, so that there is a range of price points. Sometimes things are left out of a product, or are inferior in some way, even though technically it would be possible to have parity, just so that there could be a price difference between the devices. This is so that the iPod for instance does not interfere with the sales of the iPhone. It will be interesting to see the Apple iPod prices.

So When Will The New iPad Come Out?

As with many of Apple products there is a development cycle, or an average amount of time between new versions appearing. With the iPad, it is most likely that the new version of an iPad will come out during the spring of a year. So we would expect to see when will the new iPad come out any time from March to May. At the moment there is much rumour about the new iPhone and there are signs that are believable, suggesting that the iPhone 5 will debut during October of 2011. This is so it will coincide with the release of iOS 5 and iCloud, it has already been stated that these two products will appear during the autumn.

The Truth Is That No One Know When Will The New iPad Come Out

Nobody knows for real, apart from the people in charge at Apple, when will the new iPad come out. All anybody can do is to, watch the news feeds for when there is an Apple event announced, to be able to see when does the new iPad come out. Often you will see in the announcement, some sort of clue about what product that will be announced. For example, when the OS X lion event was announced, although Lion wasn’t specifically mentioned, it was evident with the inclusion of the picture of the big cat in the logo that accompanied the announcement. So I wish you good luck in working out when does the new iPad come out. We will see some thing in the Apple Computer stores sometime soon. Have you been wondering when does the next ipad come out? The question of when does new ipad come out is often on the mind of the fan boys. We do like to get our hands on our new iPads. Seems that now us iPad fans know to expect a new ipad coming out on a yearly cycle, most likely in September or October. This way Apple can get them under our noses for the holiday spending season. That is when we will see new tablets coming out and getting your knickers in a twist listening to the rumours will not make it come any quicker.

The Amazing iPad

IPad spec – Let's check out the iPad dimensions

iPad dimensions let’s have a look at iPad spec

Tape Measure
The iPad 2 dimensions, the height of it is 241.2 mm and the width of is 197.7 mm, it has a depth of 8.8 mm and weighs 601g. Now I daresay that the Americans are looking at this thinking, what on earth are millimetres? But I would counter that question, by telling you that if you are working in inches there is no such thing as 9.5 inches. This is the way that the size is for the height of the iPad on the Apple website and if you are using the old imperial units then you should be actually saying 9 and a half inches.

When you are dividing inches it is not base 10. So isn’t it about time that America caught up with the rest of the world and started using a base 10 system, the metric system, that makes so much more sense than the imperialist measurements. And the same goes for ounces and pounds. Okay so I digressed a little bit there and had a little bit of a rant, while I talked about the iPad spec, and the iPad dimensions.

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The iPad dimensions in the previous paragraph, were for the Wi-Fi only model, and there is a slight difference when you add 3G into the mix. The only difference to the iPad spec when you add the extra 3G iPad connectivity is that the weight increases to 613 g or 607 g for the Verizon model.

There is a difference between the iPad version 1 and iPad version 2, mainly it is that the iPad 2 is thinner and lighter. In terms of the amount of memory, that you can have in the iPad specs, there is no difference between the 2 versions, you have 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. The iPad screen dimensions are the same for both models of the iPad.

IPad specs for the wireless and cellular

The Wi-Fi for both models is exactly the same giving you up to 801.n Wi-Fi speed. I really must change the route that I have at home, because I have one that only goes as fast as g Wi-Fi speed. Either I should buy a new router that has gigabit ethernet connections and also the N Wi-Fi, or just get a box that does 801.n Wi-Fi so that I have the two speeds available in the house.

iPad specs – system on a chip

With the iPad 2, Apple started to use the 1 GHz dual core Apple A5, high-performance low-power system on a chip. Obviously this makes it faster than the iPad version 1 and at the moment, I am starting to wonder about how fast the iPad 3 will be. I am expecting that Apple will put in an even faster perhaps even a stonking fast, chip into the Apple iPad 3.

The iPad camera specs

iPad Specs

The back camera which will do video recording of HD up to 720 P of up to 30 frames per second with audio, is also a still camera with a digital zoom of up to 5 times zoom. Generally with a camera I don’t recommend using a digital zoom, as it reduces the quality of the image. Although seeing as the iPad does not have an optical zoom, you don’t have much choice if you do need to zoom into something, to take the picture.

The front camera, is of lower quality in that it only records up to VGA, for both video and for still images. Whether you are using the front camera or the rear camera, it is quite handy that you are able to tap on screen to be able to control exposure and that works for both video and for stills.

The power and battery iPad specs

The iPad 2 has the built-in 25 W hour rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which gives you up to 10 hours of doing whatever it is you wish to do with your iPad. It is up to 10 hours, because some activities will use more battery power than others. The iPad comes with a charging system, connect it to the power adapter or to the USB on your computer system.

iPad specs input and output

As with all of Apple iOS devices there is the standard 30 pin dock connector port, 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack, a built-in speaker and a microphone. With the 3G version you also have a micro SIM card tray.

iPad Specification and Sensitive sensors

The iPad relies a lot on movement, which is why you need to have a 3 axis gyro and also an accelerometer, this is so that the iPad knows when you are moving it in 3-D space.

Compass image

Location, location, location

In the iPad 2, as well as having Wi-Fi to determine your location there is also the digital compass. The 3G model is able to more closely determine where you are in the world, with the assisted GPS that comes from using the cellular signal.

Audio, TV and video

The iPad 2 supports a good number of audio formats from MP3 to AAC as well as the Apple lossless formats a IFF and WAV. You can configure the volume by the volume control on the side of the iPad and also by using the volume control on the screen. There is also a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound pass-through that you can use if you buy the extra Apple digital A/V adapter.

You can do video mirroring and video out when you are using the digital A/V adapter or the VGA adapter. You can even do video out through the Apple composite AV cable at 576 p and 480 p. So there is a number of different video outputs that you can use, with the plethora of extra video cables available for the iPad.

There are limits with some of the Apple iPad applications with regards the output on video to external devices, due to the way that the iPad works, and also the restrictions placed upon some media, TV and movies.

The Amazing iPad

Mind your language – iPad specs

Obviously, because the iPad is sold worldwide there has to be language support for a large number of languages. And I find it interesting seeing as I live in Catalonia that there is support for Catalan. I am impressed!

Another thing that I find impressive with Apple products is the commitment to accessibility, for the people that require help in using this sort of technology. There is support for the playback of closed captioned content and a voice-over screen reader, which will be of use to the hard of hearing or deaf people. For the partially sighted you have the full screen zoom magnification and the ability to have a white on black display. Well done Apple!

Apple tries to do it’s best for the environment, as it knows that by producing these products, it is having some detrimental effect, so Apple does what it can, to reduce the environmental impact. So you have asked big free glass, mercury free LED backlit display, PVC free and also the aluminium and glass enclosure is recyclable.

IPad spec and iPad dimensions – using the iPad

The iPad dimensions, physical size and the iPad screen dimensions, of 1024 x 768, along with all of the other iPad spec, combined with the software of the operating system and the applications, gives us the iPad experience. There are other tablets out there, that have gone for the widescreen shape and various other sizes, but so far there has not been any other tablets which have been able to call themselves an iPad killer. It is not just the iPad specification and whether they can be beaten in other devices, but down to a lot of factors that come together to complete the iPad using experience.

Installing iOS5 – Not working for me – Yet

Today I have been trying to get iOS 5 Beta on to my iPad. It is available to developers and I have downloaded it but can’t get it to install. I keep getting a error message. I have tried to follow the instructions to get it to work but nothing doing. Starting to wonder if it is because I am in Spain, it could be only available in the U.S.

Split Onscreen Keyboard

Looking good that there will be a split keyboard on the iPad so that we can type with our thumbs. This will be good for when you are holding the iPad and don’t have it resting on a table or something else. That will save us from having to use thumb extenders or trying to stretch them.
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Using PhotoStream

Apple have said that the last 1000 photos we take with the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch will be uploaded to our iCloud account and kept for 30 days. Well it is a bit more than that, the photos go to the iCloud but also come back down to our other devices so that we don’t have to think about transferring them when we dock the iPad to the computer. The photos will already be there. It is a rolling collection of our photos.

Apple  iCloud  New photos on all your devices

Save the shots you want to keep

Assuming that there are photos that you want to keep all you have to do is to move the photo in iPhoto to any other album. That will stop it from disappearing from the Photostream. or you can move a photo from the PhotoStream to the Camera Roll and that will keep it indefinitely on the iPad or iPhone.

Looks like this service will be pretty useful. iOS 5 isn’t coming to everyone until later in the year, developers can download the beta version to try it out. Which is what I am trying to do.

iPhone Decisions to Make

My iPhone3G still works but I like to use it for the iPod facilities much of the time, and that is not working well at all. So I am wondering what I should do about getting another iPhone. I could get one from Apple unlocked for 599 Euro. I have seen them on eBay for €450 and I am tempted.

Maybe though I would be better waiting until the next version comes out and I will get an iPhone 4 cheaper or get the next version if the new features are compelling. I did think about waiting until September when the new iPods generally come out and have one of those instead. With luck they will put in better cameras than there are in there now. I don’t make many phone calls.

What would be nice is to have an iPod with the capabilities of the iPad 3G. it would be really good to have the iPad in that small form factor and I really don’t need the phone calls.

I think I will think about it for a wee bit longer, before deciding what to do. What would you do?
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NetBook vs iPad and what about the Google ChromeBook?

Incipio Destroyer Case for Apple iPad 1The Netbook vs iPad is a question you don’t hear much these days. It must be fairly clear that the NetBook is on the wain and the iPad is the sexy device to have now. At least the tablet PC is the is the type of computer that has the future in its sights. A number of companies are trying really hard to make the iPad killer. The Apple iPad does have the lead because it is the device that was the successful mobile computer tool that was a hit from day one.

Apple didn’t rest on their laurels and brought out the iPad2 after a year and added the extras that some people wanted in the first version. You do have to leave some room for improvement. Apple like to have a few details and extras that will fit into a product in a future version even though every one is aware that Apple do like to get it as right as possible when getting a product out to the consumers.

The Amazing iPad

Zaggmate Cover With Keyboard Or The Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

Lets compare iPad to netbook in terms of usage. The main complaint that users of the netbook have is that the key board is too small and tough to type on. On the other hand the iPad doesn’t have a keyboard included and some don’t like to type on it. That is not too much of a problem though seeing as you can get a Apple Bluetooth keyboard and those are lovely to type on. Or you can buy the iPad ZaggMate Cover the comes with a keyboard and turns it into a netbook – But with some quality.

Do You Really Want Cheap And Nasty?

That is the thing really with the netbook, they are cheap. Cheap to buy and cheap in construction. Maybe the answer is to buy two at the same time so that when the first one breaks you have a back up. When you get the iPad you know you are buying quality and a product that will serve you well for a long time.

Another problem with the netbooks is that you don’t get to use the best operating system, Mac OSX. They first came with a linux distribution when they became available but then Windows started to get installed. Many have said that the netbook processors were slow and with a lumpy Windows OS on top they were even slower. One of the best things about the iPad is that it is fast in operation and a joy to use.


Google Netbook Vs iPad

On the horizon is the Google Chromebook and that could be the answer to the problem of the slow netbook. Have to wonder though if the cloud computing paradigm is going to work out. What happens when you are not connected? Do the Google netbooks have enough storage memory to have some files locally held. Google claim an eight second boot time (ten seconds in the video on the same page) but still not as fast as the instant on of the iPad.

I will mean that you may have to have 3G as well as wifi to give you the always on internet, that you need to have access to your files. You will have all your files synced and in one place so that you can access them from anywhere. What if you are in a place where there is no wifi and no 3G available either? In the specs it says it has a card reader and some USB slots so I suppose you could keep your files on a thumb drive or just on an SD card. It will be interesting to see what the price will be when they are on sale 15th June 2011. I think that the big limiting factor will be the apps that can run on it and what you want to do with it. At least with the iPad there is almost no limit to the apps you can get for it.

The Google NetBook Disclaimer

“Obviously, you’re going to need a wireless network, be willing to use it subject to the provider’s terms and conditions, and be ready to put up with its real life limitations including, for example, its speed and availability. When you do not have network access, functionality that depends on it will not be available.”

There pros and cons for every device and certainly this is the case with the ipad vs netbook war. Whether you are a fan of the iPad or of the NetBook it is going to be good when there is more of the reliable ubiquitous internet connections that will be useful for all of us, be it 3G or free Wifi.
The Amazing iPad

The One Netbook I Want is …

It must be obvious that on the Amazing iPad web site I am going to be biased to the iPad but what are your thoughts in the debate about the netbook vs ipad. Also there is one Netbook I would be happy to use and that would be the MacBook Air. The 11 inch model is small enough to be a netbook and in the 2011 models all the users are reporting superfast boot up and generally quick when doing your bidding.

MacBook Air 2

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