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The iPad goes International

The iPad goes International it went on sale today in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. There were many pacing up and down wearing a groove in the floor between the office and the door to see if the courier guy has arrived with a package in his hot little…

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Grey importing of the iPad

It can be done and many are importing an iPad into the UK from the US due to the delays announced by Apple of the iPad. It isn’t illegal because after all it is possible to bring back whatever when you go on holiday. I suppose you might be unlucky with having to declare some…

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The iPad in Europe

iPad Europe Release Date The iPad Europe situation is not good as it stands at the middle of April. There was recently an announcement from Apple to say that they were not going to supply iPads to Europe for another month. The release date for the iPad for the UK, Germany, France Spain and some…

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