3G iPad makes its debut


The brother of the first iPad has shown itself to the lucky few in the US. It looks pretty much the same although in the rear there is a black plastic strip at the top which is there to let in the 3G signals easier than than they can get through the aluminium. Hopefully that will improve reception on the 3G iPad now available in the USA home market. AT&T have the deal for the 3G connection an I expect it will not be too long before there are more whinging and whining about AT&T and the coverage they give. I wonder if they have learned much from the iPhone experience and having a beefier service for the mobile device users.

There is a micro-SIM slot on the iPad and to get the tray that contains the SIM chip out you can poke it with a straightened paper clip – Ah! The height of technology these days?? Not too many other visible evidence on the external view of the iPad and you have to see in the software and in particular the settings. The first destination there is you go to other countries will be to turn off data roaming, so that you don’t get stiffed with a big as in enormous data bill.


In the View Account area is where you can sign up for the 3G wireless connectivity, if you try yo connect to something and you are out of range of the WiFi you will get a message to sign up for the 3G. As it is a mobile phone company you will have to sign in blood, and promise kidney of your first born child. there are two options for service: a 250MB metered plan for $15 per month and an unlimited data plan for $30 per month (the same as the iPhone’s 3G data plan). Both are recurring plans by default—you’ll be charged every 30 days on the date your current plan ends. You can change this once you’ve signed up by logging into your account and tapping “Add Data or Change Plan,” where you can switch to another plan or cancel your existing plan. In either case, your new choice won’t take effect until your current plan expires, so once you’ve laid down your money, you’re in for the month.

The 3G version of the iPad also has the GRS chip in it which will surely give you better, more accurate positioning than you can get with the WiFi only version.

Don McAllister shows us his iPad

Don shows some of the features of the iPad after having one for a few days. The reflections off the iPad are a bit annoying but apart from that it is good to see some of what an iPad can do. It must have been the 1st iPad in the UK and Don did the the iPad review for the Liverpool Echo. Getting an iPad in Europe is still impossible from Apple but people are finding other ways to have the iPad in Europe. This is the DonMcAllister Screencastsonline iPad.

Camera in Next iPad

import an iPad from the USA to the UK.png

The first gen iPad is still wet behind the ears and there is loads of chat about a Camera in next iPad. Will there be front-facing iSight camera a camera iPad 2, because of the talk of moderators, chat rooms, encrypted video conferences in the iPhone OS4.0 that developers are working with now? There is more fun to be had with making up rumours  about ipad 2 cameras or at the very least speculating about what iPad cameras might come to pass.

There is an ambient light sensor in the present iPad and some think that, that is where Apple will stuff in the front-facing iSight ipad 2 camera in the second generation. In the last interview from Amazing iPad David was telling me that he reckons the iPad needs a camera for some of the things that you would think you could do with the device.

I think it is still a bit of a mystery why there should be a video camera put in the iPod Nano and not in the iPod Touch. Seems that it is probably only a matter of time before the iPod gets a Camera. Another possibility, is the already proven concept by third-party app developers, would be an official Apple webcam accessory. being able to wirelessly add a camera to the iPad which could easily be attached directly to the device. There are apps that already make this possible including Camera-A and Camera for iPad, which link up your iPhone camera for use on the iPad via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. A pretty cool idea really.

One of the things that point to there being a camera in the next model would be that 9to5Mac are reporting that Apple Are advertising a job that could be a definite indication of Apple intentions regarding shooting still images and video from the iPad. I still think there should have been a camera iPad 1, but I suppose there has to be room to upgrade and grow.

The Media Systems team is looking for a software quality engineer with a strong technical background to test still, video and audio capture and playback frameworks. Build on your QA experience and knowledge of digital camera technology (still and video) to develop and maintain testing frameworks for both capture and playback pipelines…Experience with tuning of and image pipeline, including, but not limited to AWB, Colour Correction, AutoExposure, FrameRate adjustments is a plus.

So now all we have to do is to gossip about whether we believe it will be a forward or rear facing camera or one of each in the second generation iPad. What do you think is most likely for a camera iPad version 2? Did Apple mess up by not having an iPad 1 camera?

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Creating eBooks for the iPad

Seeing as the iPad is out I thought it would be a good time to check out some methods of creating Epub ebooks. Firstly because it could be another way to get the Mac20Q Web & podcast out to the fans. Lots of different folks out there so lots of different preferred ways of getting the digital content on the digital door step.

I am still pondering on the usefulness of the e book, Could see a case for it on a device like the iPad or other ebook reader. The schools market is going to get a big shake up thats for sure. Would not see a use on a desktop or a laptop – We open up web pages if we want to get information that way

Or theres the PDF – except that the PDF format from Adobe is not always that safe to use – so some people would decline to open such a file. That is those people that don’t want to leave themselves open to what Bart Buschotts would call Arbitrary code execution on the computer

The ebook readers & creators I have looked at on the OSX platform so far leave me totally cold as far as the reading experience is concerned. I tried out Stanza, Calibre & Sigil & had a look at Indesign also. Some apps are more readers & organisers of e books than creation tools.

Looking in Calibre it seems that it should be able to send an e book to the iPhone but I have not managed to make it do so yet. I thought it Could be that I would have to have the iPhone USB tethered where I am expecting it to work like Stanza, In which you click on share & then you get to opportunity to download the ebook in the iPhone app via wifi.

I was able to download the UK Guardian News paper into Calibre & then I open it in Stanza to push to the mobile device. Not a good reading experience for the Guardian ebook on the iPhone though, There is a poor quality image of the front page & then pages which have a header with a link & a short part of the story below that.

When you get it in the iPhone in Stanza – you can’t click on any link because the whole screen is taken over by controls of the book, Left side to go back, Right to go forward & the centre is for getting to the interface of the app. So none of the links will take you anywhere – When reading it in the Calibre reader the links do work, & take you to the Guardian web site. This example helps to make the case I think for Newspapers & Magazines to have an app rather than ebook distribution for E readers

There is quite a variety in terms of quality interface & feature sets in the ebook apps I looked at. Stanza is a reader & convertor which also has an app to sync with on the mobile device it isn’t at all a creator of epub books & it recommends using Calibre for creation of the e books.

Calibre is more full featured but confusing at first look because of having such an ugly interface
Obviously started life as an open source or Windows program, It fell out of top of the ugly tree & hit every branch on the way down.

Sigil is more of the creation tool & is pretty enough. Still needs work in terms of ease of use but does the job of creating the epub format e books. All you need to do is to drop in some text & images & the job is nearly done


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