Scrivener versus Ulysses Part Two – Which one to choose?

I had to buy Scrivener for iOS For the last six or seven months of been using Ulysses as my go to application for writing. I love using the application especially after the last main update which made great what was already good. Now I’m looking forward to the next update which is in beta […]

iPad Educational Strategies and Life Long Learning

Lifelong learning with iPad education strategies There are some people in this world who believe when you’ve left school it’s not necessary to learn anything else. There are those people who didn’t like reading books at school and never picked up a book after they’d left. People like that we can generalise as being of […]

TapCoding iPad Swift Lessons

Learning to code with the application TapCoding TapCoding iPad Swift Lessons – This application was recommended by the Canvas podcast. So far I’ve completed the first module and I am very impressed. I covered some ground I’d already covered by following an Xcode playground tutorial. It was useful as this went into a little extra […]

Swift Coding on the Mac and iPad

Learning to do some Swift coding. I got a book from the Apple website which gives a starter into app development with Swift. It’s fairly simple stuff, but it comes with a Playground which can be opened up in Xcode. Within the Xcode there are instructions for what to do to create some simple coding […]

A day in the life of my daily iOS routine

The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is to put on my Apple Watch. It’s a part of my daily iOS routine. I love my Apple Watch and I wear it all the time. I’ve been using it now for one year and one month approximately and I wouldn’t like […]

Using the Adobe Spark Apps

Geeking out with photos in Adobe Spark apps I have in the past taken a bit of a dislike to Adobe and its products due to the price of them. Back in the day when I was using a PC I used to prefer using CorelDraw rather than using Adobe Photo Shop. In fairness, CorelDraw […]

Launch Center Pro Automation Revisited

Once again messing with the automation on my iPhone During my free time this morning I’ve been fiddling about with Launch Center Pro automation. I don’t particularly want to do things to do with work during my free time, but I don’t get the opportunity while at work to set things up like this. I didn’t […]

Image size reduction iOS

Reducing the size of an image in iOS There are times when you don’t have much bandwidth and you want to upload some pictures. It would seem like a good idea to reduce the size of these images in terms of megabytes before you upload them. There are a couple of options for making these […]

Annotate images on iOS like a Pro

How to annotate images on iOS As part of what I do for the NoStylus website I need to show screenshots of applications. I used to do this on the Mac using the application Sketch. With having nearly 2 weeks of using just the iPhone and iPad I needed an application to annotate images on […]

iPad work efficiency – Make a gesture

iPad work efficiency using gestures With the amazing range of applications we have available now for using with our iPad we can get fantastic iPad work efficiency. It doesn’t matter what it is you want to do, there’s going to be an app for that. One of the ways to increase your iPad work efficiency […]