macOS Sierra is coming to town

macOS Sierra is coming The big news of the new Mac operating system – macOS Sierra is that we are getting Siri, our favourite personal assistant to help us do our stuff. From what I saw in the Keynote video from WWDC you just have to press a button and Siri will start listening. Maybe it’s […]

Apple System and Talking to Your Computer

Do it with the Mac or do it with iOS? These days I think using Apple gear makes you an Apple System user rather than being either a Mac or an IOS person. It all comes together by having access to whatever you do on all of your systems. It really doesn’t matter whether you […]

Getting the best experience OSX and a Mac

Enjoying the iMac Desktop Computer It was a great opportunity to have the Post PC Experience and to be an iOS Warrior for 13 days. I did all my computing on the iPad and iPhone, but now I am back with a full Apple system. I am left wondering what is the best experience OSX […]

Another trip to Barcelona Apple Store 

iMac Happy Days I got a notice yesterday to say that the iMac is ready to pick up. The Genius in the store did say it would be ten days first of all. I told him I would need to collect in seven days as I only get one day off each week. He said […]

Missing the Mac

I’m really going to miss DragonDictate Just about every think else I can do okay with my iPad Pro and my iPhone. I do have some dictation available with Siri dictation. It isn’t a patch on the sort of accuracy and speed you get with Dragon Dictate. I use Dragon for Mac version number five. […]

Self Publish your book with iBooks Author

Have you always wanted to self publish your book I think I’ve always wanted to publish something. Maybe it’s because I’m a creative person and I’ve always been that way. I can remember back to when I was just a kid and I thought it would be great to make my own comic and get […]

Ulysses vs Scrivener – Best Authors Apps

Ulysses vs Scrivener – The choice to make for an author. As you may know from the Scrivener review that I have already written for Mac20Q, I am a big fan of the authors, writers application for the Mac. The app developer has now also written Scrivener for Windows. There are many of us that […]

Creating Ebooks On Mac or iOS

Best Software  for Creating Ebooks On Mac Whether you’re creating ebooks on Mac computers or with your iPad you’ll find we have great tools to do the job. What you need to think about is where the ebook will be consumed when it’s finished. You have to know the file format for the ebook store […]

Creating and Publishing

I finished off an article I started yesterday by dictating. I dictated it into my iPhone and I moved it in to Ulysses. This morning I was able to do the editing and adding a few sentences here and there. I could have sent this off to my blog on the WordPress but I decided […]

Free Dictation Software Mac

Dictate for Free or Buy Dragon Dictate? I’m testing out free dictation software mac OSX El Capitan and it seems to work quite well. I’m quite surprised at how well it is working. You could do some fairly useful work with the free <a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>dictation on your Mac</a>. I’m getting some of […]