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IPad Photos

Seeing as though, I’ve been mentioning photography in conjunction with the iPad of thing is about time that we looked a little bit more closely at the iPad for photographers. There are a large number of iPad photo apps on which you can do some iPad photo editing. There are various photography apps that are more in the realm of social networking, pushing your photos out to the people that you know. Applications such as Instagram which will not only show your photographs but give you an opportunity to apply certain types of effects to them. Sometimes the effect can seem a little bit annoying when they are applied too often, perhaps ruining a photo rather than enhancing it.

Which iPad for Photographers

Does the iPad have a camera? Of course, to be able to use the photography applications on the iPad, you do have to have iPad 2, which has the camera, so that you can have iPad photos. If you look at the iPad spec you will see that the quality of the cameras in the iPad are not too good. You would be far better to buy the iPhone 4 or 4 S, if you want to take decent images with your IOS device. The iPhone 4 has a 5 megapixel camera and the iPhone 4 S has an 8 megapixel camera, and both of these are immensely superior to the camera you will find in the iPad.

The Amazing iPad

How to organise photos on your iPad

When you are using your iPad to take photographs, you will want to learn how to organize photos on your iPad. This may be a little different when we get iOS 5 and iCloud. This is where your photos go into a Photo Stream, up to 1000 of them and they will stay there for up to 30 days on your iOS device. On the device where you took the photograph, you will be able to move the photos that you think are the best ones and worth keeping, into your photo roll, so that they are saved for posterity.

iPad Photo App

What can the iPad do with your Photos? As I am sure you are aware, that when you plug in your iPad by USB, if you have photos on your iPad, iPhoto will open and ask you if you want to import the photos into your iPad photo roll. Also what you can do is to go into iTunes, and click on the option to synchronise your iTunes library to your iPad. You can either synchronise all of the photos that you have in the iPhoto library or you can choose specific albums. If you want to you can just choose events that are in albums that are from the last 3 months, the last month or even the last 12 months. You might even decide to have it synchronised based upon, for example, the last 3 events or the last 20 events. So with this facility and the connection with iPhoto on your Mac you could say that iPhoto, is your iPad iPhoto application. Using the synchronisation with iTunes will have your iPad photo albums up to date.

iOS and the iPad for Photographers

IPad for Photographers

Coming up soon in iOS 5 within the photos application, there will be the possibility to do enhanced editing of your photos. You will be able to do cropping, rotating, enhancing and be able to remove red eye without having to leave the photos application. One of the capabilities of the new photos app in iOS 5 will be the auto enhance. The auto enhance feature will do things like brightening the whole photo, if perhaps too much of the photo is dark due to a bright light behind the picture main subject. It will also improve skin tones if there is a colour cast on the photo. If you have taken a photo using a flash and you have the dreaded red eye and your subject looks something like a devil, then all you have to do is to tap each red eye problem and the software will fix it for you.

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Does The iPad Have a Camera And What Can you Do with it?

Does The iPad Have a Camera

This is a question that was very popular when the iPad one came out, and for a short while after the iPad 2 became available. Does the iPad have a camera? When the iPad was first introduced, everybody kind of expected that Apple would put everything into the new tablet device. Well perhaps not everybody, because it does actually make sense for Apple to leave things to put into a second version, and a 3rd version, as part of their planned upgrade path. Apple do need to have products which will continue to be better, brighter and shinier, on just about a yearly basis.

One might have thought that Apple would have a camera in the first iPad, seeing as there was already a camera in the iPhone. Apart from the need to perhaps have a roadmap for Apple products into the future, with the iPad, they may have felt that for the price point that they wanted for the first iPad, a camera would not be possible.

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Now with iPad version 2 the answer to the question – does the iPad have a camera? – The answer is an emphatic yes! It has 2 cameras, one on the front and one on the rear. The camera on the rear of the iPad is the main camera, and the better camera of the two, and it is a camera which will recording HD video as well as record still images and photographs.

An Alternative Question to Does The iPad Have a Camera

A question that is often asked photographers is which is your best camera? And often the answer to that question is always going to be, the camera I have with me at the time. It has already been seen that the most popular camera on Flickr presently is the iPhone, despite many of the users of the iPhone already having a fancy SLR camera. It is just so easy to pull out the iPhone and take a quick snapshot, wherever you may be. Now that there are cameras in the iPad, although the iPad may be a little bit more unwieldy to use, the iPad will also become popular for taking photographs. It does at least have the advantage of having a large screen, compared to the iPhone, for being able to see what you are taking photographs of.
Does the ipad have a camera
So wherever you may be at the time, it is going to be easy to capture those spontaneous moments. The iPad in operation is pretty quick, so to change from another application to the camera app, takes hardly any time at all. So that there is more possibility that you will be able to capture that unbelievable moment.

The iPad 2, also has advanced rear illumination sensors, and with this is makes it possible to take photographs in lowlight conditions, without the need for a huge flash. With this camera on the rear you are able to record video at 720p at up to 30 frames per second, and also record audio with that. When you are using the camera for still photographs, you have a 5 times digital zoom.

One of the neat tricks of the software available within the iPad 2, is that you can tap an area within their photo to set the exposure. The photos and the videos you take Also can be geo-tagged over Wi-Fi, this works nicely with iPhoto and you will be able to see exactly where you shot that movie, or took that photograph.

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Instead of asking – Does The iPad Have a Camera – Ask about the tech Specs of the iPad 2

There are some people that complain about the camera that is available on the front of the iPad 2, because it is of lower quality and for the video recording or still image recording, only records up to VGA quality. When you think about it though, it’s not necessary that both cameras are of the same quality, and the camera on the front is sufficient for the purpose. The camera which is on the front is mainly for the purpose of using with Face Time, and other video conferencing software, such as Skype. The iPad 2, goes a long way to answer the question – Does the iPad have a camera?

On the Apple website for the iPad, Apple claim that the cameras maybe tiny, but are perfectly designed for face time video calling. Certainly it does seem to work very well, for a video chat, as you don’t want to have too much data having to travel across Wi-Fi and the effect being spoiled by low transfer speeds of data.

iPad Tech Specs

If you have a look at the iPad spec and check out the iPad screen dimensions, you will see that at 1024 x 768, iPad format, you have a nice sized screen. Does the iPad have a camera? Yes it does and it is a touch camera.
Photobooth iPad

Another application that is perhaps even more popular, with both children and adults alike, is Photo Booth. Without even trying, because the software does it for you you can pull funny faces and have special effects to your picture. This application certainly creates lots of laughter, with new looking like an alien, or a comic book character or when the software twists your face into a strange shape. The photos from Photo Booth are saved automatically to your photo library, where you can turn them into slide shows, or send them to your friends by e-mail. Now you know the answer. Does the iPad have a camera? It sure does and there are two of them. It is expected also that in iPad 3 the cameras will be of a higher mega-pixel quality.
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Some interesting new things coming in iOS 5 and iCloud

There is quite a lot of talk around at the moment about iOS 5 and this is because for $99 you can get a developer account with Apple and you get full access to the preview of IOS 5. Not all of us though are willing to spend the $99 to become a developer or a let’s have a look developer and we would like to know what other things are going to be available in iOS which is due to come out in autumn.

Let’s have a look at some of the not so well known features that are coming, that will make the Apple mobile devices even better to use in our daily lives. Will we have to learn how to use the iPad
The Amazing iPad

Custom vibration patterns

Custom vibration patterns is one of the options that is part of the accessibility which is added in iOS 5 for people that might be able to hear too well, so they can feel the vibration tone instead. It seems that you will be able to assign a custom vibration notification pattern to a specific contact. Apple are very good in their desire to offer accessibility options and some of the features that are available within that package, are good and useful for fully sighted people who have no hearing problems to deal with.

Custom Text Shortcuts

There are a number of things coming into iOS 5 which have been available in other applications already. One such feature coming soon in iOS 5 is the shortcut for phrases that you use often. You can for instance type in ddate instead of the word date, so that is differentiated and it will fill in a whole amount of text such as the whole complete date including the time. At least that is how the snippets work in TextExpander.

You could have a shortcut such as omg for ‘Oh my God’ which could be entered into a text message with just those three letters. I will be continuing to use TextExpander seeing as I have the application for both my iPad and also for my iPhone.

A good Feature for photographers

A lot of people will be very happy to be able to use the button on the side of the iPhone as a shutter trigger for the camera but you can also use the button on the headset microphone to take a picture. With this facility of using the headset switch that is on the microphone you should be able to make photographs that do not have any motion blur that you get sometimes by tapping directly onto the camera.

The New Notifications Method of iOS 5

Another feature that many users are looking forward to is the notifications feature. The notifications will appear on the lock screen and you can swipe them to unlock the iPhone or iPod and go to the application that gave the notification directly. That could save quite a lot of time and annoyance with the notifications as presented on iOS 5.

Hopefully there will be choices about which notifications arrive on the screen. I am seeing in the pictures that people are showing, views of a stocks notification which is only of any use if you’re interested in seeing what is happening to the stock market, and I am not. Same with the weather notifications, I prefer to just look out of the window to see what the weather is doing.

Twitter Integrated into iOS 5

Twitter has already entered mainstream and it now it seems that it will be integrated as part of iOS 5. It could have been good if Facebook were to be integrated into iOS 5 also, but it seems that Apple and Facebook were unable to make a deal that suited both parties.

The news from WWDC 2011 was wide and all encompassing with the iCloud and iOS 5 as well as the incoming OSX Lion. It is an exciting time to be a Mac user.

The Amazing iPad

Installing iOS5 – Not working for me – Yet

Today I have been trying to get iOS 5 Beta on to my iPad. It is available to developers and I have downloaded it but can’t get it to install. I keep getting a error message. I have tried to follow the instructions to get it to work but nothing doing. Starting to wonder if it is because I am in Spain, it could be only available in the U.S.

Split Onscreen Keyboard

Looking good that there will be a split keyboard on the iPad so that we can type with our thumbs. This will be good for when you are holding the iPad and don’t have it resting on a table or something else. That will save us from having to use thumb extenders or trying to stretch them.
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Using PhotoStream

Apple have said that the last 1000 photos we take with the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch will be uploaded to our iCloud account and kept for 30 days. Well it is a bit more than that, the photos go to the iCloud but also come back down to our other devices so that we don’t have to think about transferring them when we dock the iPad to the computer. The photos will already be there. It is a rolling collection of our photos.

Apple  iCloud  New photos on all your devices

Save the shots you want to keep

Assuming that there are photos that you want to keep all you have to do is to move the photo in iPhoto to any other album. That will stop it from disappearing from the Photostream. or you can move a photo from the PhotoStream to the Camera Roll and that will keep it indefinitely on the iPad or iPhone.

Looks like this service will be pretty useful. iOS 5 isn’t coming to everyone until later in the year, developers can download the beta version to try it out. Which is what I am trying to do.

iPhone Decisions to Make

My iPhone3G still works but I like to use it for the iPod facilities much of the time, and that is not working well at all. So I am wondering what I should do about getting another iPhone. I could get one from Apple unlocked for 599 Euro. I have seen them on eBay for €450 and I am tempted.

Maybe though I would be better waiting until the next version comes out and I will get an iPhone 4 cheaper or get the next version if the new features are compelling. I did think about waiting until September when the new iPods generally come out and have one of those instead. With luck they will put in better cameras than there are in there now. I don’t make many phone calls.

What would be nice is to have an iPod with the capabilities of the iPad 3G. it would be really good to have the iPad in that small form factor and I really don’t need the phone calls.

I think I will think about it for a wee bit longer, before deciding what to do. What would you do?
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A PhotoEditing App For The iPad

PhotoForge2 is coming soon to the iPad

Now that the iPad has a camera there will be more photoediting applications becoming available. One such application is PhotoForge2. You can bring in photos from the camera roll and you can load up images for your Mac in iTunes. It is easy to drag and drop them in from the Finder.
PhotoForge 2 1
You can work on large files up to 20 Megapixels and lots of images types including RAW files. There is layer modes and you can do blending, masking, opacity and transforming. There are built in looks that you can use or you can create your own.

A double tap takes you to the one to one resolution, use the pinch and squeeze gestures to be able to zoom right in to pixel level and you are always working on the full image and not a smaller view of it. The Popcan feature lets you emulate film types, flashes, processes, papers, frames and lenses. PhotoForge app iPad 2 and iPad 1

Easy to share out your images to the social networks from PhotoForge. Send them to FaceBook and Twitter.

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