iPad availability in Spain and buying one


I wanted to order a 32GB wifi only model this week and I called the local premium reseller to see what models that had in stock. I don’t really need the 3G because I am nearly always with WiFi and so is my wife who will also be using the iPad. I was not too surprised to hear that there were no iPads in stock at all in the shop. Although in the Apple Store online there are iPads and the delay time for getting sent out is only 1 day.

So there was only one thing to do and to order online. I did get a email to say it would be sent out in 24 hours and that is nearly up and no sign of it being on its way to me yet. I am so impatient!

I also ordered the camera connection kit and the VGA connector because my wife will be connecting it to the projectors in the school and I want to use the USB of the camera connector to attach a microphone. We went for the 32GB because I have a 16GB iPhone and it is getting full and we expect that there will be more media put on to be used on an iPad.

No case ordered for it yet, that could be something good to get from the local Apple Premium reseller in Girona. Not sure which case to lay out the cash for

How have you found it has worked out with the GB available on your iPad. Do you run out of space quickly?

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Applications to get for the iPad


I have some iPad software already in iTunes. I have Flipboard and Inkling which are iPad only applications plus about 25 universal applications. I will be buying the Keynote application of course and I may well also get the Bento iPad version.

Of course I will have Evernote on the iPad, Dropbox will be loaded up straightaway, 1Password is ready to be used there too. Textexpander and SimpleNote are universal applications and in iTunes.

iBooks is ready and waiting and for games I have Beecells. I may get flight control for the iPad or Plants vs Zombies perhaps.

The iPad for the Photographer

Apple iPad_ review for photographers.png

The iPad for the Photographer

How can the iPad be good for the photographer? It doesn’t have a camera, but then the photographer already has a camera so there not being one included is a mute point. The obvious answer on how it can be used by a photographer is the built in Photo Gallery. If you want to show photos to a client the iPad with its wonderful screen, will be a very snazzy way to show what you have in your portfolio.

To get the photos into the iPad you would have to sync them in from iPhoto via iTunes or you can buy the adapter which Apple sells separately. It is only a couple of steps then you having your iPad as a digital photo frame showing all and sundry a slide show of your work. Another possibility is the VGA adapter which will send images to a projector, although not all applications will work with that.

Apple iPad  for photographers

iPad Photography applications

You can use the pinch gestures to open up an album, there is the application PhotoGene which allows some editing of the pictures you have. There are loads of apps that were made for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will be bound to be upgraded to be perfect for the iPad. The App ‘Camera for iPad will stream the pictures from an iPhone to the iPad and I am wondering if it is possible, or could be, for the Eyefi SD cards to be able to send photos wirelessly to the iPad from you camera.

OK there are some photographer specific uses for the iPad and don’t forget that there are many other applications that will be useful in other ways. You might have had to lug around a heavy laptop previously but now you have the light and thin iPad.

Twittelator on the iPad

Twittelator Pad

I have had the iPhone Twittelator Pro for some time and the reason I bought it was that I listened to a podcast with an interview of Andrew Stone who is the creator of Twittelator. He was so enthused about the app and all that it could do and with that combined with great reviews elsewhere I stumped up the cash even though there were decent free Twitter clients available. I am still pleased to have it and this brings us to the iPad version of Twittelator which also has high standards of usability.

Usability and a useful well designed interface is what takes an ordinary app to being a great app that you will be prepared to spend money on. with Twittelator for the iPad you get a good mix of columns, swipe actions and the ability to drill down into what you want to look at in the Twitter feed. You may use it with multiple accounts of course, by hitting the accounts button at the top of the timeline and filling in the details in a pop over. It seems that the interface works better in landscape mode and looks prettier too.

There are some customisations to be done when you get started such as putting in the details for your bit.ly account. YOu can use Instapaper which is the service that allows you to read stuff later. It is good to see integrations with other services as well as being able to specify refresh times and disable or enable sound notifications. If you have a Posterous account you will be able to put the details of that into Twittelator also. Excellent!

Twittelator profile.png

What I like about the application is that it is so easy to have your timeline there and be able to get to individual tweets, user information in a profile, send things off to Instapaper and even open up some web pages – then still be able to get back to the time line to see what else is coming in there. Twittelator is fast and you can be navigating around with a few taps here and there. There is enough in the app in terms of features to satisfy a nerd and yet it is still useable for the more basic user. When you look into a profile the information is set out in a very elegant format and you can add to lists or unfollow as you see fit.

There is a view called location that shows a google map and it looks really useful. It even pinpoints on the map where people are assuming they have given permission at their end to be location aware. Then there is the channels which are aggregators of specific topics and sub-topics such as Science, Sports or Technology, useful although not something that I have partaken of much yet.

iPad twittelator slider

There’s no button to send tweets. To prevent accidental tweets from unwanted taps on the screen, Andrew put a slider above the keyboard: when you have your tweet done, slide your finger on this arrow and hey presto, it goes off to your Twitter community. Saving a draft of a tweet is handy although I am more of write it and send it, in the way that I work.

ToDo Application for the iPad


Do you like staying on top of all your tasks and todo’s. I have been using ToDo for the iPad and it has much in there to recommend for  an application for iPad task management and productivity for busy tech people, the app Todo in the App Store iPad now. As we often see there is a launch sale that might make you jump at the chance to get this application that has GTD Support on the iPad. One of the super things about ToDo for the iPad id that like the iPhone little brother it syncs with your desktop, there is a desktop app you can download to do this job for you. You can also Sync with Toodledoo and Remember the Milk.

ToDo for iPad and Phone

Textexpander on the iPad and being able to use it within this application really makes sense, none of this writing things in Textexpander and then having to do the copy and paste thing – brilliant. The interface is built for the iPad and looks pretty stunning with a real world metaphor of looking like a planner. Just because it is working on an electronic does everything device it doesn’t have to look horrible. ToDo on the iPad looks good either in landscape or in portrait. There a lot of Todo applications for iPad and there will be another when iOS5 becomes available in autumn of 2011.

You can also do full task searching, have clickable phone numbers and URL’s in your notes and projects and there is a full calendar due date chooser. I like the way that there is the option to manage multiple tasks in one go with the multi select. You can hold Todo for iPad in your hand just as you would a daily planner and feel an burning motivation to be productive. Do you have a preference to GTD applications iPad based or for the iPhone? Will you look at all iPad apps available in this arena  in the app store for iPad or are you only interested in Omnioutliner for iPad.
Todo-for-iPad-Screenshot-002.png 1408×1280 pixels.png



Amazing iPad Podcast Episode 1 Talking to Dennis Freitas

51F990C9-4A0A-4B9D-AB84-AD3E4B370968.jpgDennis was one of the first people to get his hands on an iPad and I talk to him about what he is doing with the iPad device from Cupertino. Dennis tells me which at the bet iPad apps, he is a fireman so can easily see how the iPad could be use in business. iPad for firemen, hospitals, doctors and health care workers.

He told me that having an iPad would be so useful for being able to input data once and send to colleagues so that there would be less duplication of information. iPad for improved productivity and efficiency.

International iPad Sales coming soon

Apple-iPad-international-salesThere was a bit of a mystery about when the iPad 3G would actually start shipping but Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc. have been able to get to the bottom of the 3G iPad apparition. Apple announced yesterday that the 3G iPad availability in the US will be Friday April 30th and they will be there for US customers to buy from the stores too. Not bad!

But what about the international Apple customers?

Despite that fact that there is no sign of any pricing for the iPad in the UK or the rest of the world, there has been no change to the projected date of May 10th for the Pre Orders for a delivery at the end of May. All of these delays are being blamed on delays of getting the displays from South Korea, LG Display and Samsung. The screens are also being made in Japan by Seiko Epson. These are really rumours because no one is actually going on record to say for definite what is going on.

According to MacWorld UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and Switzerland are having to wait until an unspecified date at the end of May. Apple will however, announce international pricing details on Monday 10 May.

I think it will be interesting also to see how we will get ripped off by the Telephone companies O2, Vodafone and Orange. All three companies have different prices depending where you are in Europe. O2 and Telefonica are the same company but the Spanish people get ripped off when it comes time for setting prices for mobile broadband data, not to mention phone calls. iPad 1 sale, iPad 2 sale or iPad 2 sales are continuing at an amazing pace. The new announcements  in January 2012 from Apple about textbooks and the Apple iBooks Author software will mean that iPads will become even more a part of education and society in general. McGaw Hill Pearson, Dorling Kindersley are putting interactive technology textbooks into the hands of school children through the Apple iBooks Store. It is also possible that teachers in schools or anyone that wants to create a textbook will be able to sell iBooks to a huge educational market.


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