Which text editor to use with the iPad – text editors for the iPad

Text editors for the iPad

There a lot of text editors for the iPad and many of them do extra things like have an whole synchronisation or back up thing going. Some of them work on the freemium model when you can get the basics for free and just pay for the extra features, like the link into the TextExpander API for example. I recommend to try out a few of the free ones to see if any cover your text writing needs and after that look for recommendations. I like to use EverNote for my main text notes although it does a lot more than that. I will still use SimpleNote for the quick one liners, although I may drift to the PlainText app.

I was using the Simple note app in combination with Notational Velocity but I got a little miffed after buying Simple note that they made a change to the application that they stopped allowing the use of TextExpander unless you pay extra through an in app purchase.

PlainText — Dropbox text editing for iPad & iPhone.png

I came across PlainText because it was mentioned in the Scrivener Mac Application for writers version two, documentation. It syncs up with Scrivener which is going to to be handy to have a good route into the best writers tool out there from the iPad. It works with the text in DropBox so there is a synchronisation there too. Not quite the same as being able to just open up Notational Velocity on my Mac and know that all my text notes will just be there.

Hog Bay Software, the makers of PlainText are giving a discount to the in app purchase you can make to lose the advertising for this month of NaNoWriMo. I have not found the advertising intrusive so far, I might leave it as it is. I do keep trying out new text editors for the iPad when I see new ones coming along.

Convert video for iPad with Air Video

Air Video Server

Air Video iPad to convert Video for iPad

I have been able to convert video for iPad with Air Video iPad. There is a free version but I used the paid for version which was cheap to buy anyway. I have been able to successfully watch a video that was residing on my iMac by streaming it to the iPad over WiFi and I then used the VGA connector to hook up to the TV and see on a bigger screen.

Air Video iPad to stream video to the iPad

I am having a problem trying to see a video right now but I suspect that it due to the fact that I am using the software to convert a movie right now. I reckon that once the Server side of the software on the iMac has finished doing that job it will be available to stream this video for me. Converting video for iPad on the fly is useful when you don’t want to clutter up your hard drive with multiple version os the same video or if you have a hard time keeping track of your videos for iPad files.

Air Video iPad – Compression of video

I had the Air Video iPad convert a AVI video file that was 1.7 GB down to 480mb and I was happy with the picture quality of the movie when I watched it on the TV. It is all easy to use – you set up the folders for the server to look into to get the movies and away you go when you look at them on the iPad. Just have to navigate to the movie you want and hit play, convert, add to iTunes or play with live conversion. Will you be downloading Air Video for iPad? I have found it to be an excellent tool to convert videos for iPad, have a look for iPad Air Video in the iPad App Store.
The Amazing iPad

iPad VGA to HDMI

Atlona VGA to HDMI Scaler/Converter (USB Powered). Model: AT-HDVieW

iPad to HDMI upscaler

if you live outside of the States or Canada then you will need a different device that puts out video at 50Htz rather than the 60 Hz that this model uses.

Seems there is a need for devices that will allow us to connect our iPads to TV’s and it seems that this device could do the trick. I am not in the USA so I can’t try this one out. Anyone out there like to contact me with details of you experiences of using the Atlona VGA to HDMI Scaler/Converter .

The Atlona AT-HDVieW is designed to take video and audio signal from PC or Laptop and upscale it to digital HDMI output of wide-range HDTV and PC resolutions, up to 1080p. The AT-HDVieW is a plug and play device, it will automatically sense the native resolution of the display and scale the computer’s output to match it. The converter will take audio signal from the computer and embedded it into the HDMI signal output, so that user is able to enjoy both audio and video though one cable.

The HDVieW is a scaler-converter, which means that it will always work without any adjustments to the video card software in addition to that the video quality will be dramatically increased due to the built-in high quality scaler. The Atlona converter is USB powered and therefore will not require additional power supplies.

At the moment I am just pleased to have been able to use the iPad to VGA connector to hook up with a VGA Projector. Some places these days have big screen TV’s to use rather projectors in some meeting rooms and an upscaling device would be just the job.

Apple Component AV Cable – iPhone / iPod audio / video / data cable with power adapter – component video / audio / USB – Apple Dock connector – 4 pin USB Type A, RCA (M)

iPad availability in Spain and buying one


I wanted to order a 32GB wifi only model this week and I called the local premium reseller to see what models that had in stock. I don’t really need the 3G because I am nearly always with WiFi and so is my wife who will also be using the iPad. I was not too surprised to hear that there were no iPads in stock at all in the shop. Although in the Apple Store online there are iPads and the delay time for getting sent out is only 1 day.

So there was only one thing to do and to order online. I did get a email to say it would be sent out in 24 hours and that is nearly up and no sign of it being on its way to me yet. I am so impatient!

I also ordered the camera connection kit and the VGA connector because my wife will be connecting it to the projectors in the school and I want to use the USB of the camera connector to attach a microphone. We went for the 32GB because I have a 16GB iPhone and it is getting full and we expect that there will be more media put on to be used on an iPad.

No case ordered for it yet, that could be something good to get from the local Apple Premium reseller in Girona. Not sure which case to lay out the cash for

How have you found it has worked out with the GB available on your iPad. Do you run out of space quickly?

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Applications to get for the iPad


I have some iPad software already in iTunes. I have Flipboard and Inkling which are iPad only applications plus about 25 universal applications. I will be buying the Keynote application of course and I may well also get the Bento iPad version.

Of course I will have Evernote on the iPad, Dropbox will be loaded up straightaway, 1Password is ready to be used there too. Textexpander and SimpleNote are universal applications and in iTunes.

iBooks is ready and waiting and for games I have Beecells. I may get flight control for the iPad or Plants vs Zombies perhaps.

Ipad market settling down

With the introduction of the new iPhone 4 there has been less in the media about the iPad. In some ways it is good that the hype is going and being replaced by stories of how people are using the device in real life. The iPad has also had one update to the operating system and many users will be looking forward to when IOS4 will be available for the iPad as it is on the iPhone. I am surprised it is not available already.

I am pleased to see that 18 of the applications in my iTunes for the iPhone have been updated to be iPad applications too. I really like it when the developers just update them and don’t require extra money. Amongst those applications the are apps such as iFooty, Evernote, Stars, SimpleNote, Box.net, Dropbox and OffMaps. So as you can see there a number of very useful applications and plenty of free apps too. I used Off Maps when I went for the day to Milan in Italy and I wanted to be able to use the maps and not be stuck with huge roaming charges. I downloaded to the iPad the maps of the centre of Milan and was able to use the GPS and see more than a blue dot on a blank page.

NotationalVelocity Icon.png

Simple Note is a super application that syncs up with Notational Velocity on my Macs. I use it for the simple short quick notes and keep EverNote for the longer more complicated notes. Simple note is great for quickly getting that idea into the cloud and saved for posterity, ore at least as long as you need it. There are other Mac note applications that will sync with Simple note but Notational Velocity has a good way of working. Very easy to find your notes later, you just start typing a word in the top section and the list narrows down to the notes containing those words. It is a built in search feature that works a treat. Basically it looks at data not documents – There is no manual “saving” in Notational Velocity; all modifications take effect immediately.

iPad Video Converter for the Mac

I still have Visual hub available to use but it is not being supported anymore. Still works, but we don’t know for how much longer. It seems to me that the iPad with its 1024-by-768-pixel resolution which is just perfect for watching video will have a lot of video converters thrown at it.

Many say that if you choose the option to convert as if for the Apple TV you get a good video watching experience. I think that it might be better to do a scaling down of whatever video to 1024 wide and let the software you are using work out what the height should be. You will have the letterbox effect of course due to the shape of the iPad being more suitable for the 4:3 configuration. That can’t be helped the iPad has other jobs to do that don’t work too well if it were a wide screen shape.

iSkysoft iPad Video Converter

iSkysoft iPad Video Converter for Mac is a specially designed tool for Mac OS users to convert any popular video formats such as M2TS/MTS, MOD, TOD, AVI, YouTube(flash video), MOV, WMV(windows media), MKV, and more to iPad friendly formats easily and rapidly.

iSkysoft iPad Video Converter

The presets for iPad gives you hassle free experience in converting any format video to iPad video and audio, making the most of iPad’s big screen and HD feature. This Mac iPad Video Converter provides a series of useful settings such as crop, trim, merge, and video effect like brightness, contrast and saturation.

On the other hand you could go for a solution that is purporting to offer a custom solution. This iSkysoft iPad Video Converter software will convert video such as M2TS/MTS, MOD, TOD, AVI, MKV, WMV and it also claims to be able to improve the quality of the video if it is below par.

Edit Functions of the iPad Video Converter

Crop black borders of the movie and watch it in full screen on your iPad.Trim video or audio clips, say, your favourite lines or episodes you need for playback on your iPad. Merge several video files so that you can enjoy a long video without interruption.

You just have to click the “Convert” button, just wait a minute and you can get the video with proper format. What’s more, iPad Video Converter for Mac support auto shut down, and your computer will shut down when the task is finished.

By the way the cost to buy this software is $25. You might want to have a look at MPEG StreamClip and Video Monkey also.

Getting ready for iPad coding

Apple iPad international sales.png

I am learning to write code for iPad applications. I was expecting my brain to explode fairly quickly but it is not going too bad so far. I have downloaded the iPhone SDK 3.2 and I figure that I will not need the latest iPhone SDK 4.0 until I have learned a bit more. I will have to pay out $99 to get my hands on the version 4 of the SDK because you have to be a member of the Apple developer connection.

I see that there are two memberships, one for the iPhone and one for the Mac. When I am ready I will go for the iPhone developer connection with Apple. The tutorial I followed today took me two goes to get it right because there was a step missed out in the tutorial and I only spotted it the second time when I looked at an accompanying image that was there to show what it was supposed to look like. There was a connection that was made in the picture but hadn’t been explained in the text. When I got it to work I did a little dance.

Learning objective C is what is necessary to get things happening with programming for the iPad, iPod Touch and the iPhone. I am looking forward to be creating applications and when I have that good idea so I can set myself an iPad coding project. Tomorrow I will be following another tutorial for creating iPad Applications and learning more about using Xcode and the iPhone SDK 3.2 . I must say though that I like the ease of use of the interface builder in Xcode.

What would you like to see as an application for the iPad. I already have one good idea for an application that I want to create for the iPad but maybe you have a need that could be an idea to be worked on, and you don’t fancy blasting your brains out trying to learn programming for the iPad. I think it will be a bit of a long road ahead though as there is a huge amount to take in to be able to write good applications for the Apple iDevices. Wish me luck!

Convert the iPad into a NetBook hybrid


The iPad with its touch computer interface is not like a netbook, but Lapdock have had the bright idea to convert the iPad into a netbook with using a bluetooth keyboard in a special iPad case. The bluetooth keyboard side of things is not fully worked out yet but both Lapdock and Clamcase think it would be a good idea that with a hybrid Netbook iPad, the user will get the best of both worlds. What do you think is it a good idea for you and the way you expect to work with your iPad using a bluetooth keyboard with it. Or would you be better off with a docking station iPad.

I suppose there will be some dinosaurs that think it is vital to hang on to the past and the use of the keyboard rather than embrace the way of working with an Apple tablet on which it is designed for the fingers to do the walking. It may not be enough the get the Apple Keyboard dock and just use in certain occasions. Some people may prefer to have more to carry around with them. I personally don’t think it will be necessary.

The Hybrid Tablet Lives With Clamcase.png

I suppose one of the main factors will be the weight of the wrapper that is case and stand for the iPad. If it gets to be too heavy then you might well have a MacBook Pro in your computer bag. What you will have to ask yourself is “What problem does this iPad solution solve for me? You cold see this a middle ground while we are all in the process of adapting to the new world, game changing devices.

Tell me what you think

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