Chitchat from Catalonia

Platja dAro rockWhat an incredibly busy Saturday in the campsite, nearly all of the mobile homes/bungalows are full with people. There is a bunch of French lads who are away on a stag weekend. The poor victim was being made to walk around wearing a dress and a sign which said ‘Anything for one euro’. They had all been drinking rather a lot and one of them stood in front of his bungalow with his underpants around his thighs bearing all to anyone who was looking. There was quite a bit of pointing and giggling with a bunch of young girls who were walking towards their bungalow which happened to be next door to this one. The guys in the beach campsite that work for the night security could have their work cut out for them this evening trying to keep the revellers under control. It is all very well coming to Platja d’Aro for a crazy weekend, but it’s not going to be on if you’re going to disturb other people who just want to get some sleep.

Two or three days of thunderstorms

Wouldn’t you know it, I get my ebike fixed so that I can use it again and then we have a lot of rain so that I have to leave it at home. Well I could use it, but I would get very wet indeed. That wouldn’t be much fun. I had to get the wheel with the engine in it rebuilt because the spokes kept breaking. I had to make a special order for some heavier duty spokes. It is all looking much more solid now and I think it might last long enough this time. Yesterday it poured down with rain heavily just as I was about to leave to go to work. Today the weather was nice as I was leaving, but I had looked at the weather forecast to see that rain was quite possible. I had been so tempted to ride the bicycle anyway. Just as well that I didn’t because for the last couple of hours at work, there was intermittent rain and quite a bit of thunder and lightning. It seems that it is going to be like that for the next couple of days and it will make sense to use the car to get to and from work.

Writing and editing a book

I exported my book out of Scrivener into a format for the Kindle and I put it on to the iPad so that I could have a read within the Kindle app. I soon spotted one or two mistakes that needed to be dealt with and some of it was partly due to the way that I had set up the export out of the author/writer’s application. I will have it sorted out by the time it comes to set it up properly and ready to publish on Amazon. I have a website called Digital Book Maestro and in this I have articles where I talk about how to create an electronic book, an e-book. Mainly the site has been about how to use the iBooks Author, the publishing application from Apple, but I think I will be starting off with the publishing through Amazon and giving it a couple of months to see how it goes before I send it off to other publishing sites. This is because I want to go for the offer that Amazon do when you give it exclusive publishing. I want to weigh up the options and decide whether it is better to have it published in as many places as possible.
Geek Photo Cover 2

Organising the Book

I am certain that eBooks are the future. As part of the editing that I did today there were a couple of articles which were quite similar and I was able to merge them together into one chapter. It would be rather annoying for my readers of my Photography for Geeks book to feel like they are reading the same information twice. Another thing that I have done is to put the personal information about my photography career at the end the book rather than at the beginning. I will write an introduction which lets readers know that I have put information about myself at the end of book so that I can let people dive right into the useful stuff right at the beginning. The book is there to help people discover certain areas photography and to learn things rather than for them to find out my history as a photographer. Keep an eye out for more books from David Allen Wizardgold.