Chomping and Chatting

Finding time in-between hours of work

During the summertime high working a campsite and it leaves me little time for making videos, featured tutorials that I usually make for iPad, Mac and android applications. In this video I talking while sitting on a park bench outside where I work which is by the beach. I say a little bit about what is happening at the camp site and then I talk about the videos that I have made recently, such as the one about LightPaper. This application is really good for entering text and also is very good for markdown. I like that there are extra keys allowing me to move around the text either one letter or one word at a time. It also has a next row of keys for entering the markdown text for images, links and other basic formatting. I will also be looking At the application called Draft which is a copycat App of the iOS application called Drafts.


Another application that I have added to my Samsung Galaxy S3 is Drop Sync which is quite configurable for setting up two way or one-way synchronisation between a folder on your android device and Dropbox. I have found that it works very well so far and it is a quick way to move files on and off my phone.

Not so keen on DropSync today and it caused me to lose some of my writing, could be the settings but it kept overwriting something I was working on. It should have been keeping the more up to date version of the file as I was working on it, but didn’t. Synchronisation is hard to do well.

Recording the sounds around me.

In this part of the video I also give a mention to the application Audio Evolution Mobile which I’m finding very handy for recording audio using the Galaxy S3 along with the Giant Squid lapel microphone. I have recently used this recording setup to record the traditional sound of a Spanish knife sharpener, the sort that goes round the streets looking for work with the sound of pan pipes.