Counting the days

About a week and a half left to go

At this stage it seemed to have been a very long summer season with a work at the campsite. Since the middle of September it has been very quiet at the campsite with very few passing guests and since we hit October the people that are here for the season have started to pack up their things also. So as you can imagine, an eight hour shift working at reception or within the campsite can drag on considerably when thumbs are being twiddled. Only yesterday I was talking to a colleague and we were both counting down the days to win the campsite closes for the winter. it closes on the twelfth of October So with having one day off during that period it means I only have nine days more to work.
Dragan Effect in Pixelmator

Getting busy in Winter

I am really keen to get back to making the videos for YouTube and I have a list of subjects to cover. Quite a few of these will be Android tutorials considering my Android devices are new to me and I have a bit of catching up to do to put together a body of tutorials for that platform. I shall also have to do a few videos that are iOS based considering that the operating system has been upgraded to iOS 7. Many of the applications that I use have all got a new look and feel as well as there being some new functionality including. I also have to make a tutorial looking at doing a specific photographic effect with Pixelmator on the Mac.

Learning to teach English

There is the TEFL course to work on, and hopefully get finished. Just the other day my son was telling me that he has also been working on such a course. I can resume from that is that he is keen to go off and do some travelling and see a little bit of the world while teaching English. I really should get myself properly organised and motivated and get the bloody job done.

A list of jobs around the house

Any moment now I expect a list of jobs that need to be done in the garden and also in the house to land upon my desk. I know that the living room needs painting, the jungle in the garden instead be cut back with the strimmer and there is wood to be cut. Certainly it is quite important to make sure that we have enough wood to keep us warm during the winter, so I think that will be getting the priority.