Good and Geeky

David Allen Wizardgold

David Allen Wizardgold

How to Be Good and Geeky One Step at a Time

Creative Mojo

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Good and geeky

What’s a Mojo?

My own personal background is in art. I used to be an art teacher and before that I was an art student and artist. My interests were in drawing, painting and printing back in the old days and now my creativity goes much wider than that. I really enjoy the process of making videos, right from the point of shooting the video in the first place to the editing of the resulting video clips. Photography has always been a big passion of mine although it has ebbed and flowed over the years. With the latest digital camera that I have, I love taking pictures and creating photographic artwork that is all part of my need to be creative and to show the world my creations. Then there is the writing that I love doing.

Everyone can be creative

For me being creative is just part of what I am and comes very easily to me. For those of you that don’t believe that you are capable of creativity I would like to suggest that it is not that difficult when you properly understand what creativity is. Putting it as simply as possible, creativity is just making decisions to do something, try things out and be as experimental as possible and choosing what you think works best. At some point in the process you say it is done or it done as far as you can take it and the next thing you do will kill it.

Screenshot 17 06 2014 22 46If you are going to be a life logger then you are probably a creative person or have the embers of creativity burning within you. Even if you don’t know what it is that’s giving you the urge to be expressive in a very personal way like this, take it from me that there is some creativity involved. If you get into this creative way of life and present what you do to the world via the Internet then probably you are going to want to do it in such a way that it is going to be interesting and possibly entertaining for the viewers. You aren’t going to be like one of those boring teenagers that wander around all day doing nothing and saying “I’m bored”. You will almost certainly read, view and consume what you have created yourself and you will want it to at least be interesting for yourself to experience.

Study art and learn from the masters

To be a good writer you have to read. To be a good movie maker you have to watch as many films as you can. Artists look at the art that is around them and also whatever is in Art galleries. It will probably be a good idea for you to have a look and see what other people have done in your chosen realm of creativity. Look at some of the successful and entertaining artists and say what they have done and how they have done it. Study art and learn from it. If you are going to make your stuff public then you want it to be a good reflection of yourself. You should put some thought into what you do.
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There is a great deal of pleasure to be gained from being a creative person and having good things to show to your audience. That audience might be small, it could be just for yourself, it could be just for your friends and family and then again it is something that you could grow to be huge if you really want to. There’s nothing wrong in new producing something that you are proud of.

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