Download iOS 6 to put on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

If you haven’t done so already, it is time to download iOS 6 and dive into the extra features that you get with the new iOS operating system. One thing you do need to know, is that you will not get all of the features if you are using older iOS devices. For example, I have the iPhone 4 and although I have turn by turn directions it doesn’t speak them to me. The turn by turn directions appear as banners on the screen that you can swipe through to go from waypoint to waypoint. Of course I don’t get Siri on my iPhone 4 either. That is a shame as I really like talking to my iPad to control it and also to dictate.Don’t forget that you get iOS 6 on the new iPod Touch.

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iOS 6 iPhone 4 features

One of the iOS 6 iPhone 4 features that you might like to use will be the integration with Facebook. If you are so inclined you can have it so that webpages can be shared on Facebook, you can also share other things such as your photos. The Facebook integration will also link up with your contacts and calendar. Seeing as there are many people these days that prefer to make their connections through this ubiquitous social network rather than using things like e-mail. Of course you may use Siri on your new iPad, the iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5. If you wish you can also post your physical location from the Apple maps application too.

iOS 6 Siri iPhone 4 – Is this what they call fragmentation

If you want to have iOS 6 Siri iPhone 4 enabled, then you can forget it. That is unless you are willing to jailbreak your iPhone and in that case you might find something that does something similar. I haven’t jail broken my phone so I can’t put you in a specific direction for that. This is just something that you will have to deal with if you can’t afford to buy the latest and greatest, newest and shiniest versions of the Apple products. On account of the fact that I am able to use Siri on my iPad generation three, I am happy enough to have the iPhone 4. Of course, I would prefer to have the most up-to-date technology available, but have you seen the price of the unlocked iPhone 5. Also there is absolutely no way that I would tie myself up to be very expensive two-year contract.

iOS 6 Passbook – Not ready for the big time yet

Although Apple made a big deal of this iOS 6 passbook feature in iOS 6 system update, there are very few opportunities to make use of it. In time, there will be the coffee shops and other retail establishments that will provide their coupons in the form that can be used in iOS 6 passbook. For the moment though, you might take a look to see if there are any things in there that you can make use of and then forget about it until you get some notifications when it does become available.

Which are the best iOS 6 new features

This all depends upon how you use your iOS devices. As I said, I really like to use Siri on my new iPad and I am really keen to try out the turn by turn directions when I take my next trip out to someplace or other. It is kind of sweet to be able to say “Launch Tweetbot” and have my twitter application open for me. One of the reasons that I like this new feature so much, is because I have already been using this sort of feature with Dragon Dictate on my iMac.

Shared Photo Streams

You can take any of the photos from your Photo Stream on your iOS device that is running iOS 6 and choose just one or two of them to share out with whichever of your mates. It is nice that your shared Photo Streams don’t count against your iCloud storage. These shared photos can be on their way to your friends as they will wing their way across the cellular network and also via Wi-Fi. Have a look at the article about shared Photo Streams to see how it works.

What about iOS 6 compatibility?

Basically what it comes down to, is that you will have all of the features if you are using the latest and greatest of the devices from Apple. If you are using the Apple iPad version 2 then you will lose some of the features and if you are using the Apple original iPad then you will not benefit from iOS 6 at all. This is the same for the iPhone in that you do get iOS 6 for iPhone 4, but you will not get the benefits of the latest operating system on the iPhone 3GS. I suppose it is only natural that a company that is so adept at getting money out of the Apple fans, that they will make all the best features available only in the latest hardware. To be fair though, there are some features that need a certain level of technology in order to be able to work either properly or at all.

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  1. Apple has launched IOS 6 operating system which has been used in iPhone 5. It has so many feature like apple maps with 3d views, Facebook has been integrated in all the major apps of iOS 6 including Maps, Camera, Games, Siri, Calendars and Contacts, Updated siri version with more language understand. IOS 6 has so many advanced feature which will be helpful to public.

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