Edit video on your iPad with Pinnacle


I bought the Avid iPinnacle iconOS video editing application for the iPad from the iTunes Store because I had heard that it was a very capable iPad video editor. Then later, I found when I was opening it, that the company had been taken over by Corel and the Avid iPad video editor was going to be replaced by Pinnacle Studio. I was however, pleased to see that Pinnacle Studio was going to be made available for free for a period of time. This would allow users of Avid for iPad, that had bought and paid for the application to get Pinnacle Studio at no cost. A stroke of good fortune and good luck for everybody else interested in video editing on the iPad, that were also able to get a free Pinnacle download. That period of time where you could download Pinnacle free has ended now. It is still a very good alternative to using iMovie on the iPad and great value if you still buy it.



Pinnacle video editing software for iPad

I have made a few video tutorials showing how to use Pinnacle Studio for editing video on the iPad. The first one is an overview showing how easy it is to use. The rest of the videos that can be found at the Wizardgold YouTube channel go into more detail of how to use the Pinnacle Studio video editing tools. In the Pinnacle video editing software you can drag video clips to the timeline with ease. You can drag a whole clip onto the timeline or you can pre-trim before you do the drag and drop. After you have set the in points and out points to more or less where you want them, you can then use gestures to get more precision.

Avid Pinnacle Studio Video Editing App

Once you have the video clips in the timeline you can still do some splitting and trimming of clips. There is the razor blade tool which you can use to split one or all of the tracks. For example, you might have more than one audio track and the software allows you to choose which track you want to cut, or if you want to cut all of them.



There is also a precision trimming tool that you can news for video clips on the timeline. By using gestures you can increase the length of a video clip or decrease the length of the clip, by either one frame or 10 frames. If you need to keep the video length constant, then it is also possible to do a rolling edit. With a rolling edit, frames that you take off the end of one video clip will be added to the video clip next to it.

Montage clips and Titles

There are things called Montage which is like something you would get from Motion 5. These have drop zones that you can drop video and still images into. These are video clips and photos inside of other video animations. There are also titling sequences that you can use where the text is animated. Not a problem if you want to make a composite bit of video with text or even video on top of other video. Very easy to make a picture in picture section of video.



Pinnacle video editing tutorial

Although the application Pinnacle Studio is fairly intuitive and easy to use, there are one or two things that you will benefit from watching the screencast tutorials that I have made. It is also well worth looking at the help documentation that is included with the application. You really do need to have some information about whether you should be swiping left or swiping right and whether it should be with one finger or with two fingers, in order to get the best experience from editing video with Pinnacle Studio. Overall I highly recommend this video edition app for video editing on the iPad. Who would have thought that you could do this sort of work on the iPad.