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Editing Video on the iPhone with Clips, Tempo, and Fly

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New video editing application for iOS

IMG 1889The application is called Clips and it is incredibly simple and easy to use. You have to pay €4.99 if you want to get rid of the watermark on the resulting videos. The same company has other applications for video and one called Crop looks quite useful for when you have a video that has been shot in vertical mode and needs to be cropped to get into the proper horizontal viewing. You would have to wonder why people keep videoing things in this vertical mode, but I suppose when you get the phone out quickly it is easy enough to forget to rotate. You can get applications for shooting video on iOS that will not allow you to shoot vertically.

Clips icon

Setting the Tempo of Video Speed

Then there is the other application called Tempo and this is for doing slow motion and also for speeding the movie up. As you play the video in the application you can quickly set it from normal speed to fast, fastest and back to normal. You can also go from whichever speed to slow or slowest. You get an instant change at the point choosing from the menu of speeds available.

When your video is ready, you can share it out to Messenger, Instagram, What’s app, Messages, Facebook and a few more. Once again the cost to get rid of the watermark on the videos is €4.99. So it could get quite expensive if you were to buy all of the applications from Fly Labs Inc. and upgrade all of them. You would have to hope there would be a bundle available for this set of video editing applications.

Fly Boy Prices

As I have been writing this, I have been playing with the applications and also looking at the other apps from the same company to download. I’ve just downloaded the Fly Video Editor. This one promises to be dead simple and very fast, which is the sort of thing you want to have when editing video on an iPhone. You can add smooth dissolve transitions and do picture in picture effects with simple gestures. I’ll have a look at this application in depth, because it is the first one I have seen so far to do the split screen type of video effects for iOS. This application also has a multi cam feature and I’d be thinking you would need to have the latest of the iOS devices to have sufficient processing power to use this application. You can do the usual sort of things such as trimming and rearranging clips, adding music and voice overs. Judging by the prices for the in app purchases you would have to be pretty keen to get all of the extras to use within this application.

Applications to shoot video on the iPhone

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