Getting in the groove with the BossJock iOS app

I always wanted to be a DJ or a performance artist

There is a new app for iOS as I have just got my hands on called BossJock and it is just made for anybody that wants to be a DJ or once to record their own radio show. For the younger members of the audience, a radio show was something that put out across the airwaves in the days before podcasts. With this application BossJock, whose name comes from what they used to call the best DJs who were really rocking it, you can add sounds to a cart and play them as and when you need them.

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So the first step when using BossJock is to fill up the buttons in the cart with sounds and these can be bumpers, stingers, jingles, sound beds and pre-recorded interviews. So you might put down a musical sound bed or or a background audio which could lead people to believe that you were in an airport terminal or at a party. You can hit the button to play the jingle to start your radio show, podcast and as the jingle fades away you can press the microphone button and start talking over the top to your audience. I say over the top because when you press the microphone button to cue in your microphone the sounds that are underneath will be ducked so that your voice will take precedence.

When you’re pressing your buttons to add your bumpers and the stingers you get some fade in and fade out as the sound is used. This way you get a nice smooth transition from the sounds as you use them and it is amazing how easily it is to sound really quite professional and like a proper DJ. If there are sounds that you want to use throughout the whole of your podcast you can adjust settings and make them sounds which loop. Then there is a setting which will do a auto rewind and what this does is to put the sound back at the beginning even if you are only played it a part way through.

When you really get into using this application you can use the volume sliders which are to the right hand side of the screen to adjust the volume for the microphone, the cart and also for the mix. You can make these volume adjustments on the fly in case you have something that you want to manually fade out or fade back in. More fun than just making a plain recording in Twisted Wave audio editor It is more of a performance. The BossJock app also works on the iPhone, obviously you don’t get as many places for storing the audio clips.