Getting the divorce sorted in court

The judge was supposed to be getting the short and quick cases in first. What I want should have only taken five minutes, but it took longer because he had a chat with me about the lads etc. He was like a genial old uncle more than he was like a judge. He was asking what they did for a living and where they lived. The old fella even thanked me for coming over from Spain to do the divorce.

Scanner Pro for digitising the old family photos

Easy to get the photos turned into digital pictures with this application on my iPhone. Put them on a flat surface and position the camera just right and the software takes care of the cropping to the edges. When the angle gives the photo some off angle looks, the Scanner Pro sets it right again. The quality of the photos isn't going to be great but not that bad and will be doing the job of giving me the memories back again. Seemed that the colours were enhanced slightly in the digital version.


Cultural Ireland with art of all sorts

Called into a gallery after the divorce hearing and there seems to be a lot of cultural activities going on here in Ireland. I miss this sort of thing in Catalonia because if I went to the theatre it would be in Spanish or Catalan and I would miss an awful lot because it is not in my mother tongue. there are one or two artistic events take place in my region but I don't think there are quite as many things as I am finding here in Ireland at the moment. When I go to the cinema in Spain I have to watch the movie either in Spanish Catalan and sometimes there are version original movies on at the local cinema. The problem is, is that the people that choose the movies are older women and we tend to get a lot of chick flicks. This month we could have had The Hunger Games movie as it has just come out and also Interstellar and they would been good in English for the cinema. We didn't get anything like that only got movies that you would watch television if there was nothing else more interesting on.


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