Gizmag for great articles about technology

One of my favourite websites – GIZMAG

I am a lover of technology and sometimes it feels like I am living in the future with all of the excellent technological changes that are happening. There is an excellent website that I get regularly sent to my email address called GizMag and it has a range of articles looking at various areas of technology. In the latest email that I received there was a link to an article about a new bicycle with a sealed drivetrain, an article about Ducati motorcycle, a robotics article, something about the engine failure causing a recovery of a spacecraft to not work out, details about how nano pixels can be used for flexible low-power high-resolution screens for computers and amongst other things there is a health article about how proteins could take the place of fats in diet cheeses and cakes. I get one of these emails every couple of days with the latest articles that have been posted to the site and there is nearly always something to interest me. It is quite easy to click one of these links and then lose an hour or so reading articles about the latest in technology.


Green articles in GizMag

Quite regularly there are articles on there about green homes and a green living. Articles such as the latest in zero energy houses that are good for the environment. I would love to have one of these houses that has super design and super insulation and at the end of the year would have a surplus of energy. With the cost of solar panels coming down and the technology of batteries getting better there will come a time when the self-contained house as far as energy requirements are concerned will be the norm. I particularly liked the article about the house by Honda in which they used solar panels in conjunction with the same sort of battery technology as used in their cars, along with geothermal heating and cooling of the house to construct a house that didn’t need to be connected to the electric grid. If ever I decide that I’m going to build myself a house then these are the sorts of things that I will be looking for for the design of it.

Silly articles for thrill seekers

There was an article about the tallest waterslide in the world which is over 50 m tall and looks to be just as scary as it looks to be amazing. There is a water park near to where I live and I have enjoyed using the tallest of the waterslides there and is great fun even though not even half as big. There is another article based on bicycles which shows a motorised big wheel drift trike which has a small motor propelling it very close to the ground and would make a big kid of the largest man. So there are articles in there which are based upon old technologies and petrol engines, but then you will also find a lot of articles based upon an electric vehicles. I particularly found the article about an exotic Italian electric motorcycle informative and entertaining. Personally, I would love to have one of the electric motorcycles made by Zero Motorcycles and this one in the article by an Italian company, Energica Ego Electric motorbike looks pretty amazing too.