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Google said in September that Google Docs for iPad will be coming soon, at the moment you can see the docs but you can’t edit them. I think Google will have to get their finger out and get this sorted out so that they don’t miss the boat. The Apple Office applications are very popular and there are other applications like MobileOffice that will allow you to do the creation of documents and editing of documents on the iPad.

Do you like the idea of having all your data in the cloud? It can be pretty handy if you have a lower capacity iPad to keep as much data off the iPad but available. I went for the 32GB model of the iPad and I think I could have probably got away with the 16GB version.

What is your favourite way of creating documents on your iPad. I have the keynote app and Numbers but not got around to buying the Pages application. Generally if I want to write text then it is just text and I don’t want or need formatting or the desktop publishing capabilities of pages. When I have the text written on the iPad then I might use it on my Mac where I have more screen space to be able to see what I am doing with creating a document.

GoDocs for iPad / iPhone

I was having a look in the App Store to see what else there might be and I saw Go Docs for iPad/iPhone and judging by the reviews it is one to steer clear of for the moment as it has significant bugs in it. I expect that it could perhaps be looking at later but for now it was only meriting a 1 star in the App Store. Another application in the store called kkFiles was getting similar reviews, so we had better keep looking or just wait a little longer for Google to come up with something.

Do you think that Microsoft will come up with applications for the iPad. Will you see Word on iPad?

Tell me your word-processing preferences on the iPad.

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