Having a lucky life

Unlucky or lucky?

Good Luck Bad Luck

There are times when I think I’m an unlucky person. Then there are also times and I think I am a very lucky person indeed! I suppose that is all part of the changeability of life and living it. Life would probably be boring if it was all the same at one grey boring level and no ups and downs. I think that I was unlucky that I didn’t get to know my real dad until I was 17 or 18. It also wasn’t too nice that I had a stepfather that didn’t really like me. On the other hand, I have been lucky in love throughout my life. For the last 11 years I have been loving and have been loved by a wonderful woman who is amazingly affectionate. Before that, in my life I have had other true loves and with one of them I have three amazing sons. So it seems that even if you have an inauspicious start it is possible to have an amazing life. It is even possible to believe that you are overall a lucky person even if there are times when you manage to mess things up completely, as I have managed to do here and there.

Lucky to not be a slave

I am a lucky person in the fact that I don’t smoke or drink. I didn’t like the experience of breathing in smoke from a cigarette, it was just horrible. I tried smoking in those days when everybody smoked and it was just something that everybody just did. So I’m lucky that I didn’t take to it and have to spend the rest of my life as a slave to the cigarette companies. I’m a person that is so much less likely to be struck down with lung cancer, heart disease and emphysema. As for booze, there isn’t much of it that I actually like the taste of, so I was easily able to decide not to drink at all. So really that was just the luck of the draw too, in being able to avoid the problems that come from being a drinker.

Lucky to have some brain cells

Even though I’m not super intelligent or a quick thinker, I’m lucky enough to be a deep and critical thinker. I was only 10 years old when I decided that I didn’t believe in religion, I was even too young to realise that I had just become an atheist. I was lucky to have escaped the clutches of the pervasive Christian religion in my wider society and just be a freethinking person who sees things for what they are. I even find it unbelievable that people are able to believe in such rubbish. Science is fantastic and it is great to know that we are all made of the result of exploded stars, stardust. That is magic enough, I don’t have any need to use any of the made up gods to say that I am in awe. My favourite atheist podcast is by Godless Spellchecker

Are you Lucky?

So even though there are times when I get a little bit fed up because some things are not the way that I would like them to be, I’m a lucky man. It is great luck to be living in a time when technology is continually pushing forwards the bounds of how it can help our lives. I love technology and what it can do for us. That’s why I write about the Mac, the iPad and Android devices. What about you? Are you fortunate in life?