HTML5 article – The way of the future, Get using the doctype HTML5 on your web pages

The HTML5 article

Certainly within my own experience, I have found that getting onto a site that has elements of flash all through it, I have seen monumental slowdowns or crashes of the browser. This would be on the desktop computers on a Mac or even a Windows PC and this bloated Adobe technology really doesn’t have a place on the mobile platforms. Full marks to Steve jobs and Apple for calling a spade a spade and refusing to have flash on the iPad. It was inevitable that there would be many naysayers that would say things like, the iPad can’t succeed because it doesn’t have flash. Just look at how wrong they were though, again on a personal level I can say that after using the iPad for a year and a half, never once have I wished I could use flash on the device. Forward thinking decisions for the future, as you would expect to see from Apple.

HTML5 article

Watching videos on HTML 5 YouTube

There is an application on the iPad for connecting into YouTube and also when you are on the YouTube website you can choose to watch the videos in a HTML 5 version of the website. It isn’t difficult for website designers to make sure that they use the HTML video tag for HTML 5. It isn’t even difficult to make sure that the videos are formatted so that most, if not all browsers can view the videos on the HTML 5 pages. HTML5 article – It looks like the HTML5 W3C have been doing a good job of working out the HTML5 framework, making it so that web developers can create stunning HTML 5 websites that look great, as well as being much more robust and speedier to load.

Check out the HTML5 wiki sites to help you implement doctype HTML5 on your webpages

It is very easy to find all the necessary details about how to create your HTML 5 webpages using the HTML5 framework. All you need to do is to go and visit a HTML5 Wiki to find out about how to implement a HTML5 database or HTML5 storage for your website creation. Keeping it simple is always a good idea, with whatever technology you are using and with HTML 5 it’s easy enough to add the tags that you need for a good web page. Very simple to do hand coding using a simple text editor like Text mate, or you can use something like the application called Hype.

Creating Animations Using Hype on Your Mac

I have this application on my Mac, it was very inexpensive to buy and it makes it very easy to be able to create animations for your pages using HTML5 tags, without having to know any coding. It is a joy to use, this Hype application for the Mac. I have created a number of animations and also there are videos on the Wizardgold / Mac20Q YouTube website channel in which I show how to use the application Hype. Much of the creation involves using drag-and-drop, which makes it very easy to create your animations. You can organise things on the timeline to give yourself a very sexy looking webpage. The application creates your webpage with the doctype HTML5, you can create a HTML5 menu and use a HTML video tag and within a few simple steps you can really make your web page come alive. You can’t quite go as far as making the sort of interactive magazine like the Aside Magazine, like that one created by those German webpage developers and HTML 5 web page designers, but you can get very close.

WP ibooks author html5 framework

When you set the page size in Hype, to suit the iPad you can have webpages that are ideally suited to viewing on that device. To get a document that looks more like the Aside Magazine then you might decide to create something using iBooks Author. Even though this application is not creating webpages, it does use HTML 5 for the construction of the electronic e-book’s. It would be nice if in a future version of iBooks Author that it would be possible to output from the application to a HTML5 framework using the Doctype HTML5. If you know what you’re doing in terms of hand coding webpages, then you could possibly get inside the iBooks format and pull it apart to use elements of it to put on a webpage. As you can tell from this HTML5 article I am totally behind the idea that this new revision of HTML is the future of web publishing. What sort of experience do you have with HTML 5 apart from the use of the HTML 5 YouTube video experience?