I didn't burst into flames

It is the weekend of my twelfth anniversary with my lovely wife and we are in Barcelona having a stay vacation. Just 20 Euros each return on the train from home and we can be tourists in the Catalan capital. I went inside La Sagrada Familia for the first time. The previous time I came to Barcelona I only saw it from the outside. I was surprised to see that there was some difference to the building from the outside, they had actually been working on it. I am sure that I wasn't the only atheist inside the building because I didn't burst into flames! I can't help but be impressed by the ingenuity and creativity of the people responsible for making this amazing building. It is a shame that the whole thing is based upon a fantasy and delusion, but that can't be helped. I am not used to walking around in a big city and so by the time we got to the hotel which is near to Diagonal Mar I was completely cream crackered. There were one or two Christmas markets dotted around the city that we passed through. Selling loads of xmas rubbish.

Taking photos and visiting places

I took photos inside the Apple Store. It isn't often that I get the chance to go inside Apple Store. Today was the first chance that I got to actually hold in my hand an iPhone 6 Plus. What a bloody big phone! My missus was incredibly impressed by that large, massive, huge phone. If I didn't have my iPad Air 2 then I would have been interested.

Palau de la Musica Catalana


What an amazing place inside. There were horses, nay,wild horses leaping from the walls. The musicians had muses to accompany them on the stage, they were also coming out of the walls. The muses, not the musicians that is. There was a choir that was practising for a show to be put on later and they were rather good. The whole of the building was completely amazing including all of the stained glass windows and the whole place was designed by a modernist architect who was a a rival of Antoni Gaudi. If you are visiting Barcelona then I can highly recommend it.

Getting fruity in the market off Ramblas

Another fantastic place to go and visit because the displays of a fruit and veg are superb for photographing. Not so nice were the animal heads and brains on display in the meat section of the market. I shot quite a lot of video and still photos while in the market.