iO Studio Dock iPad Recording Device for Podcasters and Musicians

iPad Audio Recording The Complete Solution From Alesis

This I/O Studio Dock from Alesis, is absolutely amazing, for iPad audio recording. In terms of audio tech, available for the iPad, I have not seen anything better than the I/O dock. Mobile iPad audio recording with the iPad now has hardly any limitations, due to this excellent device from Alesis. So whether you are a podcaster, musician or producer, you will be to record, work on your music and perform, in all sorts of situations and locations.
The Amazing iPad

Alesis Studio Dock 2 The Alesis iO DOCK Docking Station , is an iPad audio recording device that will allow you to connect MIDI, microphones, both with Phantom and without phantom power, other instruments such as guitars and also there is a port for your headphones. In the Alesis Studio dock you even have a composite video connector, that could be used as a source for projecting video behind a band on a stage. You may also connect the video to most televisions and computer monitors too.


iO Studio Dock for iPad audio recording

The I/O dock looks to be very solidly built, so that you will have the reliability for using while you’re away doing your recording or performing. It will not be necessary to keep it in the relative safety of your studio. The I/O dock also works as a protective case for your iPad, at the same time providing all the connectivity you need, for your audio iPad applications.


There are a number of iPad audio recording applications and one that is always going to be worth a look, is Garageband. If you are a musician or a podcaster you can use this to connect up your top-quality condenser microphone and do your multitrack recording. IPad audio recording

Musicians using the Alesis Studio Dock for iPad audio recording

Guitarists that connect to the Alesis iO DOCK Docking Station , will enjoy using the guitar direct switch, that means they will be able to play and record, while writing to the amplifier or effect modelling applications. A band will be able to connect the output from a mixer, to record the performance or rehearsals sessions and it can also be used as a loop playback device.

The iPad for musicians using MIDI instruments

The iPad audio recording device also has MIDI jacks, that can be used to sequence external keyboards, drum machines synthesisers and samplers. There is also a input for a foot switch so that the application defined functions, such as the stop or start of recording can be enabled.


IO Dock Pro Audio Dock For iPad  iPad 2

This excellent audio recording device for the iPad is really easy to set up. You just have to slide the iPad into the slot at the top of it, and then start plugging in the microphones, guitars, other musical instruments, including MIDI instruments and your headphones and start to make some music. Overall this is a top-notch, excellent tool for iPad audio recording whether you are a musician or a podcaster.
The Amazing iPad