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What do we have to look forward to with the iOS 6 release date

The latest version of iOS was announced and explained at WW DC, the Worldwide Developer Conference, which took place at the beginning of June. IOS 6 is going to be made available sometime in the autumn. Obviously there will be hundreds of changes overall, many are not noticeable, but some will certainly grab our attention. The maps will be getting a complete overhaul, mainly due to the use of the Apple and mapping rather than using Google supplied technology. Siri will be arriving at some or Apple devices, well at any rate it will be finding its way into the iPad third-generation. They will be Facebook integration, shared photo streams, Passbook, face time over 3G and one or two other enhancements.

I have got to get the new iPad

After my recent return to teaching and using the iPad while in the classroom, I have become increasingly interested in doing more with the iPad in this area. I plan to set up an English as a foreign language school in order to make crust and I want to do it with iPad technology. I also plan to get my hands on an Apple TV device. This is so that I can connect the iPad wirelessly with Airplay and show things from my iPad to the class. I had great success with using the iPad with the small class sizes at the school in Banyoles. I played audio files to my students and I also showed them video on the iPad. Using a television connected to an Apple TV with a signal I shall be sending from the iPad by Airplay, I think it will work perfectly. Aside from the teaching aspect of having a new iPad, I will also need it to be able to take full advantage of iOS 6. Siri on the new iPad could be very handy and also the share photo streams requires the latest iPad.

iOS 6 release date

What about the iPod Touch?

According to the Apple website the iPod Touch fourth-generation will be compatible with iOS 6. I would quite like to see more of an upgrade to the iPod Touch and maybe even a larger perhaps 7 inch version of it made available. I don’t do Apple rumours, but I can say what I would like to see coming out of Cupertino. The iPod Touch leads a better camera and if it was bigger it could be a very good competitor to the Google Nexus 7.

free applications

iMage Tools

Safari on iOS 6

When using the new Safari that will come with iOS 6, I am certainly looking forward to the full-screen landscape mode. Especially when viewing on an iPod Touch with the smaller screen, being able to devote more to a full view of the webpage will be delightful. There will also be iCloud tabs, this will allow us to carry on browsing from where we left off, including from other IOS devices. Hopefully that will also be the case with the Mac OS X iCloud connected Safari, also passing on our browsing history. The other change. It will be off-line reading list, where the whole webpages saved and not just at the URL to the Web content. We will be happy Apple device users on the iOS 6 release date and the servers will be hammered as everyone tries to download on day one.

iOS 6 on iPhone

IOS 6 on the iPhone

There will be more options or calling features for the iPhone, so long as you have one of the latest versions of iPhone. As well as either accepting or declining the call you will be held to reply with a iMessage or SMS, set a reminder. It will also be possible to decline and send a preset message or even write a custom message.

Hooking into the location-based facilities of the iOS 6, you will be able to set a time or location-based reminder to call back. You might decide that you want to call back in one hour’s time, when you leave your present location. Other location-based reminders might lead to have your phone tell you to make a call when you get home or when you get to your workplace.

With iOS 6 they will be settings to adjust for when you do not want to be disturbed. In amongst those settings you can make it so that certain calls can still get through. So only disturb me if it is the boss calling or the wife or husband.

Have you got into using FaceTime?

I have tried using face time a couple of times from my iMac and it does actually work quite well. The calls I have made have been to other Apple Mac users and now I can also call people that are using the iPad or iPhone, even when they are connected over cellular. I imagine that could use rather a lot of data and one would want to use that facility sparingly. This would be especially important for those people that have a data from the mobile phone network.

The airline boarding pass on Passbook.

Having your airline boarding pass on your mobile computing device can be quite useful if you are a frequent traveller. If you are not a frequent traveller, but you occasionally go to a movie theatre that has the right technology, you could use Passbook for your cinema tickets. Once again there will be a certain amount of time and location-based elements regarding the way that this will work. For instance boarding passes for the airport will become visible when you reach the airport. Apple claims that you can also use this software to make sure that you are in the correct airport terminal.

IOS 6 shared photo streams

IOS 6 Photo Streams that you can share

The added functionality to the Photo Streams from your iOS devices is made more important with the shutting down of MobileMe. Instead of sharing using galleries, iOS 6 will give you other ways to select and share photos. Obviously this is more useful if you are able to decide exactly how you want to share your photographs with. This granularity with settings will be possible with your iOS 6 devices and also with a Mac that is running the new Apple Mountain Lion operating system. In fact if you want to share your photos with the poor sods that don’t have an Apple device, it will be possible to have the photos viewed on the web. There will also be a certain amount of social networking in that viewers will be able to like individual photos and make personal comments. I doubt if this will be a credible competitor to Instagram, Facebook or Google+, but still worth having within our Apple universe.

Facebook, iOS 6, Facebook

Finally the deal has been done to integrate Facebook into the Apple ecosystem. Twitter has already been made available and it only seemed right to have Facebook availability also. So from numerous portions of our Apple iOS 6 mobile computing world we will be able to send stuff off to Facebook. It seems that we will also be able to use around to make posts to the social network for us, as well as having Facebook events integrated into our calendar. I also think it is good, and about time that our Facebook friends are to be available within our contacts application. I am looking forward to finding out the exact iOS 6 release date. Some developer types are already enjoying iOS 6 beta and playing with iOS commands specific to the new operating system. At least we don’t have to listen too much now to the interminable iOS 6 rumors, since the announcement at the world wide developers conference. Is there anything that excites you with the upcoming iOS 6 release date for iPad?

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  1. An Apple TV is a great device and the ability to connect to an iPod or iPad makes it a really versatile tool. This saves heaps of time in setting up shows for children and it also avoids DVDs getting scratched by the children taking them out of their cases. I really enjoy the photo ability in being able to see the photos up on a big screen. This is a great educational tool.

  2. I am currently on Android with GS2 but I must say the voice recognition on this phone does not seem to work for me (maybe I need speaking lessons.

    Siri seems to have no complaints from anyone, and Apples new map app looks like it will be an exciting development.

    I too am impatiently awaiting an iPod update. I love my iPod but that screen is just too darn small for me and my aging eyeballs.

  3. I actually have a windows phone (LG Quantum) and I’m very satisfied but I love my macbook pro and my ipod touch. 🙂

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