iPad Mini 2012 – It’s coming

iPad Mini 2012 – It’s coming

At the moment, it is all still rumours regarding the iPad mini release date. If you work on the basis of there is no smoke without fire, there is a good chance that there will be an iPad Mini 2012. It seems that the sales of other 7 inch tablets has given proof to the fact that there is a market for such a device. Personally, I think that the iPod Touch is in serious need of an update and an iPad mini could be that device. It might not be too long before we see an iPad Mini release. Of course we don’t yet know the iPad Mini release date. Apple are very good at keeping secret the final word on new products, despite all of the attempts by the rumour mongers at industrial espionage.

Ipad mini 2012

Guessing the iPad mini 2012 specifications

At the time of writing this article, it is rather a waste of time and effort in trying to guess the iPad Mini specs. But that doesn’t stop the fans of the Mac and iOS, from saying what they would like to see as the specifications for a smaller iPad. There will be some Apple fans that would like to see a 16 x 9 widescreen device, but I suspect that will be unlikely. If there was a change in the video ratio then that would entail software to be written specifically for such a device.

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I expect the new iPad Mini to have pretty much the same capabilities that the present new iPad already has. The smaller form factor will be the only differentiator, probably, because I’m only guessing. There is talk that the iPad Mini 2012 will surface sometime during October. Apple commentators in the know, seem to think that there will not be an announcement about the iPad Mini 2012 at the iPhone 5 announcement. This is because to do so would steal the thunder from the iPhone 5 arrival. Besides, Apple fans can only take so much excitement in one day.

Apple iPad Mini release date

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever when this new device might be unveiled to the public. If you have any ideas or inside knowledge, why not leave a comment below in the comment section of this article. I would love to hear your views on when you think there will be the announcement from Apple regarding the smaller iPad. Do you think it will actually be called the iPad Mini? It could quite legitimately be called the iPad Maxi, what do you think of that then?

iPad Mini Rumors

As I have already commented upon in a YouTube video on the Wizardgold video channel, I do not like to deal in rumours. I would much rather wait until there is an actual announcement from our favourite fruit flavoured computer manufacturer in Cupertino. There will always be rumours about the next products coming out of Apple. Often these rumours will start just a couple of hours after the release of the latest version of that product. Such is the way of the Apple universe.

iPad Mini SIM

There has been talk about the size of the Apple iPad SIM coming in a nano size. This is because Apple were in the driving seat with regards the creation of a smaller SIM. This being a Nano SIM in comparison to the size of the SIM card, that is presently in the iPhone 4 and 4S. With the mobile devices getting smaller and smaller, even gaining a small amount of space by using a smaller iPad Mini SIM could make a design difference. It would be great to do away with the need for a Sim altogether, as that would free up even more space. One would think that it would be possible to have a software-based SIM card these days.

Keep watching the Apple iPad Mini news

In the meantime we will have to make do with what we have already, with our amazing iPad. I am finding that I carry my iPad with me more and more. I’m always downloading new software and finding more uses for what is becoming my favourite computer. There are some tasks that I prefer to sit in my office chair and be in front of my iMac, but there are some big things that I can now do with my iPad. I am finding loads of educational uses for the iPad, both on the teacher side and the student side.