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iPad video Editing with Pinnacle Studio

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Pinnacle iconAlthough iMovie has its good points, I believe that Pinnacle Studio the iPad video editor is the better application for editing video on your iPad. This is because with the Pinnacle application you get more control over how you integrate video and audio into your timeline. Last week I did try very hard to add just a short section of audio from iTunes on my iPad to just a small part of the timeline in iMovie. Every time I did it, it wanted to make the audio act as the background track to the whole of the video I was creating. This is not the case when you are using Pinnacle Studio.


Creating a voice-over in Pinnacle Studio

It is very easy to add a voice-over to your video timeline in Pinnacle Studio . You just have to press the icon that looks like a microphone and up pops a control for adding audio. You then tap on the red button to start the audio recording. When you have finished recording your voice over you can choose whether you want to play the recording you have just made, keep it or cancel. It is useful to be able to hear the section of audio that you have just recorded to see how it fits in with your video.

If you find that that most of the recording is good, but with just one small part that needs to be cut out, then you can use the editing tools to do what you need to do. I show in the video how you can trim the front and the end of the audio recorded whilst in the timeline. I also demonstrate how you can use the blade tool to cut the audio where necessary, so that you can take bits out.

Working with transitions in Pinnacle Studio

You can set Pinnacle Studio so that when you drop video sections into your timeline it will also add a default transition. Most times this is quite useful and the transition that you have set will be the cross dissolve. There will be some occasions when you want to delete the transition completely. You just have two select it and then tap on the icon for the trash can and it is gone.

You can also very easily change the transition from the default cross dissolve to another one by dragging and dropping the one that you want on top of the one that you want to alter. Once you have done this you will be able to play your video and see the change that you’ve made straightaway. I have found that if you use the editor within the timeline to change the length of the transition you will have to re-render the video so that it plays a properly.

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