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David Allen Wizardgold

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iPhone 6 Coming to David Allen Wizardgold

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Good and geeky

China is a long way away

I ordered the iPhone 6 just over a week ago and finally it was released from the factory in China to make the long journey home to David Allen Wizardgold in Catalonia. I ordered the Silver model with 64GB and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. After 16 months of working with an Android phone I deserve to be getting the best again. Before that I was using the iPhone 4 and I have even had some use out of that recently before I sold it to help pay for the iPhone 6. I got a decent price for the iPhone 4 and next year I will be able to get a good price for the phone I am getting now so I can upgrade to the latest and greatest phone of 2015.

IPhone 6 pstel

The first part of the journey 

Leaving the factory the iPhone was put in the hands of UPS. I love the tracking facilities you get and being able to see which countries the parcel goes through as it makes its way to me. As I write this I have seen the iPhone visit Korea, Almaty, Kazakhstan and Köln, Germany on its way home to me. It is looking like it will make it here to me tomorrow Monday 6th October. This is two days earlier than I thought it would arrive. It is always good to under promise and over delivery and Apple are doing just that . 

Google Maps

 A day off from work

Great that I am going to be at home to receive the parcel and if it gets to me early enough in the day I will have some time to play with it. I am thinking of giving the iPhone a name. I don;t usually name my tech, but this one deserves a name. I’m thinking that the name of one of my favourite characters fro the Game of Thrones stories would be suitable – Arya. She is the resourceful girl in the series that is a fighter and tenacious despite the trials that she has to cope with. Arya the phone will be useful and a constant companion and then again I think a better name would be Nymeria which is the name of her Dire Wolf. OK that is decide then and what a good name it is.

What do you call yours ?

When I have to give hard drives a name I choose names from book I have read and liked. I do have some hard drives named after Flintsones or Buffy characters Do you name any of your tech devices? Put your answers in the comments below.

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