iPhone Automation Scripts Get The Job Done

What apps do you need to be efficient and productive?

Let’s look at iPhone automation scripts. Which apps should you buy for your iOS devices? Seems easy to spend money when buying applications for the iPhone and iPad. It’s not like spending real money. You click a button and you have the software you bought and no cash is actually moved one place to another. You only notice it later when you look through your bank account and see how much of software you’ve bought. Sometimes you will look at software a week later and wonder why on earth you bought it in the first place. There are some other pieces of software are bought which have been remarkable and well worth having. Applications like Day One which I use all of the time. Day One can be automated and other applications like Ulysses have iPhone automation scripts.

Working on the muscle memory

I do have software that I like to use and they are fantastic pieces of software such as Omnifocus. Even though the software is very good I somehow forget to actually remember that I need to use the software and I do other things instead. The simple app called Due does most of what I need to organise myself. it keeps on telling me to do what needs to be done until it gets done. So sometimes it is because other applications are easier to use and other times it is just out of muscle memory that I use something else to do the job instead. Sometimes it’s the case I just forget what I need to be using and I haven’t got myself into the habit of using a newly bought software. Not the case with Ulysses application which I’m using to write this article. There have been recent updates to put this app on the iPhone and also iPhone automation scripts have been added.  Major improvements to x-callback support in Ulysses for iOS allows for automation.

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Checking things off on a list when done

Omnifocus to which you can add iPhone automation scripts. It would be very good for me to organise myself during the day. Lately I have found using Editorial for a checklist application has been a really good thing to do. It is a textbased checklist using TaskPaper syntax. You put a hyphen at the beginning of sentence followed by a space and that gives you a box that you can put a tick into. Ticking the box when the task has been done and it inserts a @done to confirm the job has been done. It’s pretty easy to use Editorial and also what’s great about it is that there are snippets which make things easy to automate. Then there are workflows which are even better for automation in iOS. What it would be good to do is to create a workflow that I could put onto the home screen. Even better if I put it onto the home row of the iPhone so I always have it in front of me with one press of a button I’d be able to do a task such as putting in details very very quickly. I would like to see better integration with Editorial in the application Workflow. With Workflow I can make my own workflow apps to run an action in the most efficient way possible.

The height of laziness and genius

I have been working out how to use various applications for automation. Interesting to explore iPhone automation scripts to get things done. I started off with using Workflow and Launch Centre Pro. More recently I’ve moved into using Editorial because of the python based automation available within the application. It would be nice if I could achieve the automation Nirvana such as that man who had a job where he automated just about everything. For example, he had an automation where if he was still at work and logged into the system at a specific time it would automatically send a message to his wife saying “Honey I’m going to be late home.” His script chose from a few excuse at random. It’s quite reasonable he would rather use automation than doing the tasks for himself. He had so many different automations setup he probably could sleep while on the job and let the automation do all of the work for him. Okay when you consider that the company who was employing him were really paying him for his brain and what he could do with it. It beats spending an amount of time doing certain things just to fill a specified number of hours.

More details of iPhone automation scripts

Do have a look at the previous blog post about iOS automation tools. I go into detail on how I made an automation to use at my summer time job in a campsite. I have to remember to do a certain number of things when checking guests in. So I don’t miss anything I have made a script which asks me for the customer identification number. I can then choose things from a list to have a note of what I have done. Nothing gets forgotton in the process. That’s the beauty of iPhone automation scripts.