iTunes Alternatives Are Available

If you’re using iTunes and Windows, then you probably rightly don’t like it. iTunes does work best when it is on a Mac computer, because much of it is integrated in or from the operating system. So the iTunes as it works on Windows, I think we can safely say, is a load of rubbish. Now for me as a Mac user, I’m going to say well, just buy yourself a Mac. All of the people that I know that have changed to using a Mac computer have been extremely happy to be sitting on that side of the fence. My mother had a Windows laptop and was getting fed up with it. One day she rang me up and says “Hey David guess what I have just bought?” Honestly I had no idea, as she had not told me she was interested in buying herself a Mac. It is a shame really that she didn’t ask me for some help and advice, as she bought a couple of things that she probably could have done without. Or at the very least done without for a little while, until she worked out exactly how she wanted to use her new Mac. One of her best purchases though, was the one-on-one training which in the year now, in which she has had her Mac she has had a great use from. Almost every week in the Apple Store, probably annoying the poor sods that have to show her things, over and over. So that is what my mother did, so that she could have some good computing as well as not having to look for iTunes alternatives to use on Windows.

Plex your video muscles

iTunes Alternatives

With regards to what you should get instead of iTunes, will kind of depend on exactly what is that you want to do. For instance if you are an Mac and you watch a lots of videos, movies and TV shows, then you might find that Plex will be a good app for you to use as alternative iTunes software.

The Android Songbird

If you are a user of an Android phone or tablet then there is an application called Songbird, which works both on PCs and also Macs. Songbird is not quite so good if you’re thinking about it as an iTunes alternative, if you are a user of the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. One good thing with Songbird is that it does work with a number of formats of music and video, some of them which iTunes does not deal with. For instance on Windows you are likely to come up against the WMA files and .WAV files as well as the WMV video files. Songbird does have an application that is free for using on your Android device. This software on your PC or Mac does have smart playlists and the ability for you to add tracks by drag-and-drop. Changing from using iTunes to using Songbird is made easy because Songbird has the capability of importing tracks and your playlists from iTunes.

SharePod - how to put music from iPod to iTunes

Why would you want to have an iTunes alternative?

While iTunes on the Mac does tend to keep getting better, there have been occasions in the past when I have thought that it was slow and decidedly clunky. It seems to me that iTunes has had to many new things added to it that it has become somewhat bloated. These later versions on the Mac have become faster even though it does also have to add functionality with the iTunes App Store. The iTunes App Store is still the slowest part of iTunes. If you are running a phone that is not of iOS such as an Android then you probably have more reason for wanting an alternative iTunes program.

No thank you I don’t want Safari

One of the things that many PC users have complained about, is that Apple tends to push the Apple web browser, Safari at the same time as it updates iTunes. It could be that iTunes does work better when Safari is included. This is because iTunes does use some web kit browser software within it. For the record, I’m not that keen on Safari myself at the moment and as a browser I prefer to use Chrome. Chrome is faster and always up to date.

Complainers and keeping safe

There are a lot of updates to iTunes, especially on the Windows side. This is necessary due to the prevalence of viruses and malware on the Windows computers. This does lead though, to some computer users complaining of constant iTunes updates. Some people do like to complain about stuff even if it is something like updating which is keeping them safe.

Overview of iTunes alternatives

If you are working on a Windows computer, then I can see why perhaps you would want to use an alternative to iTunes program. There are other iTunes type applications out there available for you to try out and some of them are free. It is probably more likely that you will look for the iTunes alternative app if you are an Android user, because you will probably want to have something that will connect up to the Android market.