Lets transfer files to iPad with iExplorer HD

IExplorer HD for iPad

Moving files on and off the iPad

Moving files on and off the iPad has for some people seemed to be one of things that is quite difficult. I honestly don’t know what people should think like that as I have been using DropBox to send files to the iPad and also to get files out of the iPad. I have also used GoodReader and also iTunes to get files on and off the iPad. So how hard is it to do an iPad transfer of data.

I have even tried a couple of movements of files to or from the iPad using WebDav. This is where the iPad gives you a url that looks like I just made that one up, but it would look something like that. So on the Mac or on a Windows computer just the same you could put that url in the browser to see a list of files available to download to your computer. It has worked for me. Still it is easier to use iTunes though or DropBox. Now we also have iCloud which allows movement of files from one platform to another. It does kind of work in a different way though.

Despite there being these built in ways to transfer files to iPad or move files from the iPad, there are third party applications that have appeared that are made especially to do this task. I can’t help but wonder why. One such file transfer program that is for moving files is iExplorer HD and with a name like that it must be aimed at the Window users of the world. I have watched the videos that show me how to use it that are just video and no audio. I felt just as baffled after watching as before. Some audio in the tutorial video would help for learning how to transfer files from pc to iPad using this app. Same with iPad file transfer. There must be lots of people that want to know how to transfer files from pc to iPad.

Transfer files to ipad

Using iExplorer to move files on and of the iPad

What you get first of all is a hierarchical sort of view with a local disk and all there is in it is the tutorial folder. You then can add some cloud storage places. The first in the list is Windows servers and then you have the Cloud services. There are eleven cloud services that you can connect to. All of the usual suspects like DropBox, MobileMe, Skydrive, Box.net, Google docs and WebDAV servers. Handy I suppose to have plenty of places where you can get your stuff from. I just connected to DropBox to start with. You have to be happy with going up and down the file system file tree. You can make new folders and send files from this iExplorer HD application to other apps. I reckon that you could get used to this app and easily transfer files from iPad to PC. Or use it to transfer documents to iPad.

Making folders and files in iExplorer HD

In the local folder I created a folder easy enough and I was also able to create a text document. It was the only type of document I could create and to be able to do so, I had to tap on the edit button at the top of the list to get the options to do anything. Otherwise there is only a button below which gets you to help files. I thought that was a unusual use of the edit button. Normally that gets you to where to can select a pile of files and perhaps delete them. It took me a while to work out what I needed to do in this app.

After I had made the text file I was able to go into it and type in some text. I could also send the text to be opened in other applications. I think I would not be likely to do this activity with iExplorer HD as I have plenty of text apps on the iPad with better facilities.

Transfer files to iPad by Bluetooth with iExplorer

Ipad transferWhen you do select a file there is a menu that will let you make a copy, send by bluetooth, zip it up, you can even transfer by bluetooth or send out as an email. I did zip up a file and it worked well or I think so, I will find out more when I try to unzip it.
I tried a few things with this and it didn’t work when I wanted to have a file synchronised to the local folder. The dialog box that came up looked a bit weird too, so it looks like there a few rough edges to be cleared off this app.

There are few things that this application can do like moving files to the iPad via services like Dropbox but then I already have the DropBox app on the iPad. It could be useful if you wanted to connect up to a WebDAV server to transfer files to iPad. There were options for connecting to a LAN Windows server which I couldn’t try. Overall I can’t find a use for iExplorer on my iPad and I am not so keen on the way the buttons of the interface work. The button that gets you a menu should become available as soon as you select a file, but here you have to hit the Edit button first before the button you need becomes visible.

iPd Manual

What are your views on this application

You can read a few file types within the app, such as CHM, ePub, PDF and so on. It is also possible to play music and video without copying them to the device. So there is a fair amount of functionlaity in this file transfer program. I get the impression too that the developer is keen to improve the app as he is asking for users to email if they encounter any problems.

I would be interested to hear from other users of this application for connecting the iPad to other computers to know if you have a specific use case that makes it worth having or even indispensable. How do you transfer files to iPad , what works best for you?