Living in the future now

Where is my Hover board?

As a person who is really very pleased with the way that technology is progressing, I sometimes think that we are living in the future. We haven’t yet got to the stage of having flying cars or flying hoverboards, but there are some incredible things happening in the technological space. There is all sorts of home automation which we never never thought were possible yet now they are everyday commonplace sort of things. We have home automation which is really quite amazing. You can walk into your house and have your music follow you around the house. It is now possible to send images, video and music from one place in the house to another. You can even have it so that the house kind of knows where it is you are in the house and will optimise your media consumption.

You can now get lights which will change colour or dim based upon preset configurations depending upon your mood or your requirements for the time of day. So for example you can have it set so that’s it will be the perfect lighting for getting your brain ready for sleep at the end of the day. Or you could have more of a blueish sort of light for the morning time to make you feel more awake. We can have it so that the house will know when we’re near home and will turn on the heating for us and maybe one or two lights .

I know where my friends are sometimes

What about if we are out and about and we are trying to coordinate with our friends to arrive at a place at a certain time. We can set it so that other people know exactly where we are, so instead of having to send a lot of texts back and forth to say we are stuck in a traffic jam and it is going to be another half an hour before we can get there, our friends will know exactly where we are. We can even have it so that the system we are working with will give an estimated time of arrival.

Health monitoring

There are systems coming on board that will monitor our body statistics and vitals and let us know if we need to go and visit a doctor. It will soon be the case that if have allowed the applications on our smartphone to do so, we can have the application send information directly to the doctor. It is possible then that the doctor might contact us if the prognosis is bad enough that we really do need to get emergency attention as soon as possible.

Apart from various types of information that we can send out to medical places, to our home or to work colleagues for instance there is a huge amount of data that is incoming. It can be quite overwhelming if all of this incoming information is just dumped on our devices. So what we can do is we can arrange automation on our computers such as by using the application called Hazel. Hazel can detect the information coming in and it can route this information into places where it will make sense for us when we need to look at it. We could even make it so that we get notifications for only a certain types of information such as data which is required immediately or is somehow or other more important.

Apple coming up with the way to do some of this

Some of the systems are available right now and some of these things are becoming available using Apple Macintosh devices such as the iPad, iPhone and the Mac desktop computer. There are things happening that will make all of these things work together and for some of us it will seem like we are living in the future right now.

Not like when I was a lad

Certainly it seems a very long time since when I was a teenager and we didn’t even have a phone in the house, mobile phones hadn’t been invented and neither had computers. Well actually, I am not quite that old, computers had been invented but they were still a long way from being the size that could fit onto a desktop house.