Mac20Q Podcast 108 Caricaturist Steve Hearn


In this interview I am talking to Steve Hearn an artist that works creating caricatures of his victims, I mean customers. LOL. His business is weddings, drawing the bride, groom and guests. Caricatures that are drawn by Steve anytime, anywhere, both indoors and outdoors, Steve can be there to draw and entertain for you and your guests! Caricatures are great fun! A Caricature makes for the perfect memento!

Steve also does his thing at business events and lately has been using the iPad to draw people and entice them to visit the stand of the business. He also uses his iMac for his photography as well as for his art work. He tells me he is more of an entertainer than an artist because he tells bad jokes as he is drawing people at the weddings.

Drawing on the iPad


Recently he has bought an iPad and is using the iPad to draw with an application called ArtStudio. I have bought it and I will be doing a review of it on the Amazing iPad website soon. I have given it a bit of a try already and it looks pretty good.

Backing up your data is important

During the interview Steve confessed to not backing up his data and was happy to be told off severely for this terrible omission in the life of a Mac geek. I put him on to the idea of using DropBox for some off site storage and implored him to get a hard drive at least twice the size of the drive in the iMac to be able to use with Time Machine. The price of drives is so low now that there is now excuse really to not back up. In his defence he could say that he did try with the Time Capsule from Apple and had difficulties, but that is known to have problems and it is certainly better to plug in a USB or Firewire drive directly and run Time Machine. I also would recommend to use SuperDuper with another drive once a week and keep that data off site too.

What do you do to back up your data?

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