Mac20Q Podcast 48 LearnMacsOnline

I got talking to Annette Quirke, we had a great chat about Mac and her LearnMacsOnline  website. She does some graphic work in Adobe Illustrator so we were able to talk a little about vector drawing and beziers. Annette comes from Ireland so we had a bit of a connection there, seeing as I spent 12 years in Co. Cavan Ireland.

Announcing  Learn Macs Online. Everything you need to help you learn about your new mac.
Easy to understand step by step tutorials, short entertaining videos, mac news and software reviews and tips.

Annette goes to a Mac users group and teaches things at the meetings, helping new users and that is what led to the production of LearnMacs Online. Very keen on photography and has recently bought a Canon SLR, wishing she could have waited a little while seeing as Canon now have an SLR that will also do video.

I had a great time talking with Annette and I am sure you will enjoy the interview too.


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