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David Allen Wizardgold

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Mac 20 questions podcast is returning

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Good and geeky

The Mac 20 Questions podcast is coming back.  I have already recorded the first of the new series of matter in question podcast with a chat with Michael King from Texas in America He tells me about his house nearly burning down and also about how he’s got a trashcan Mac on his desk that has been relegated to a second in command after the new 5K iMac.  Michael also tells me that he’s got rid of his iPad because he got himself one of those iPhone 6+ and he finds that he has no need of the iPad.  It is all well and good to have the large iPhone, but there are one or two applications that are iPad only which will not run on this new iPhone.

There are more podcasts coming I have a podcast interview setup for next Tuesday and other people have also shown interest in talking to me about how things have changed since the last time I talked to them about Mac and Apple stuff.  If you haven’t been on the Mac 20 Questions podcast before then I would like to talk to you.

if you would like to subscribe to the max 22 podcasting iTunes all you need to do is to take this feed URL   – – and to add it You go to the File menu and select Subscribe to Podcast.  I’m sure it is also possible to take this podcast feed and to add it to other podcasters.

Another podcast that I do

I record a podcast that AudioBoom in which I talk about bits and pieces and not just things to do with the Mac. I do talk technology on there, but I also mentioned books that I read and films that I’ve seen and anything that takes my fancy. Also available on iTunes

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