Mac20Q podcast 118 talking to Fritz Alcindor Jr

Fritz from near New York

Fritz badge

Fritz has an iPhone 6+ and a MacBook Pro and is a keen user of Apple gear. Like many of us Apple users we find it much easier to use Apple products to make videos and to work with photos. Fritz tells me that he likes to use Final Cut Pro X and I was a little bit surprised when he told me that he bought videos in first using iPhoto. There are a lot of different ways to skin a cat, so lots of different approaches to take when you are working with Apple products. Sometimes I wonder why it is that the naysayers, otherwise known as Apple haters, say things like we are stuck in a sandbox. I certainly never feel like I am hemmed in by the Cupertino way of doing things. Quite often it is the only way to do stuff because it is the best way to do something. You just try and do some video editing on an Android device and you will know what I’m talking about.

Shooting video and taking photos

Fritz uses a Canon DSLR camera to shoot his video and still shots. He tells me that he is keen to upgrade the camera to a full frame version of the same make. Personally, I would prefer to go with the Sony A7 range of cameras if I was going to go to full frame. After using the Sony NEX6 for some time now I really appreciate having a mirrorless camera. I think it is just the way of the future. I did hear rumours just the other day that Nikon might be bringing out a top of the range mirrorless camera themselves sometime soon.

Last week I talked about being in bed with Siri in the Mac20Q podcast

My week with my Mac and my iOS devices

Good and Geeky Logo 2

For the last couple of days I have spent quite a bit of time working in Scrivener which has to be the best writers software out there. I am getting very close to finishing off the book I have been working on for a little while now. This is a book about how to use technology of Apple software and hardware to beat writers block and to be creative. The book is all about making a Good And Geeky Writers Workflow. There is absolutely no need why anybody should sit and stare at the computer in front of a blank screen and not know what the hell to write. I think that by using a geeky technology filled writers workflow, that a writing project such as a book, an article or a webpage will almost write itself. It doesn’t really matter whether you sit in front of your computer with the proper software or whether you are lying on the sofa using the iPad or iPhone. If you are a creative geek then you know what to do to get things moving. This book will soon be available on the Amazon bookstore and there will be extras included in the form of a number of tutorial videos. So do look out for the Good and Geeky Writers Workflow.