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October Apple Event – New iPads a coming

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A cryptic logo and a clue

Many of the commentators of Apple like to have a guess at what the message means behind the logo and text on an Apple invitation. In the latest invite to the next Apple event we have got a wavy line and something above that which looks like it should connect to that wavy line in some way or other. To me it looks like some sort of nib or paintbrush which is about to touch down onto some surface of one sort or another. This is probably totally wrong as an interpretation, as Apple don’t really have anything in terms of products that specifically fit this artistic notion that I have.

Fullscreen 09 10 2014 11 18The “It’s been way too long.” sentence is probably more likely to have something to do with the fact that the Mac Mini has been languishing without updates for about two years. Once again, I could be totally wrong on this, but you never know. The Mac Mini is a handy little computer that is worth having. I still have the original Mac Mini that I bought several years ago when I first switched to the Mac. It still works and maybe I will switch it on one of these days and have a touch of nostalgia.

New iPads are coming – Probably

It is pretty much a given that there is going to be new iPads involved in this event. One of the rumours is that there is going to be a pro version with a larger screen. It is a nice idea and I kind of wonder how that would work out in terms fitting in with the product line they already have. It is something that would have to fit in with the iPad line and also with the Mac notebook computers. I could imagine that something like a 12 inch large iPad Pro pricewise could end up being more than the entry-level MacBook Air.

I am pretty likely to buy myself a new iPad as the one I have is getting a little bit long in the tooth. It still works great and I will be passing it on to my wife who will be able to make excellent use of it. For me a new iPad will be of interest because of having Touch ID and a faster processor. It will also be useful for me to have an iPad that has the same lightning connector for charging as I have on my new iPhone 6. Aside from that if there are any other changes then I will take what we are given and be happy about it.

Already put the date in my diary

I have added an event into the calendar application on my Apple computer system. I did it using my Apple iPhone 6 with Siri. It is pretty nifty to have the phone in the pocket to do a long press on the home button and talk to Siri. I can do the whole thing and not have to take my phone out of my pocket. I am also really enjoying using that “Hey Siri” functionality and it is something that makes me want to keep my iOS products plugged in and charging. I keep wanting to learn more things that I can say to Siri. One that I find particularly useful in the morning is to ask Siri for the time as I don’t have to switch it on and peer at the screen with bleary eyes to know if I should get up or not.

The event takes place on Thursday, 16th October at 7 PM European time and I will be tuning in. Hopefully the live casting of the event will work properly this time and I will be able to view it on my Apple TV. Have you put the date into your diary and do you plan to watch?

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