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David Allen Wizardgold

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On Getting the Nexus 7 to make Android app tutorials

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Good and geeky

Useless UPS driver and my Nexus 7

I had been expecting the Google Nexus 7 to arrive the day before yesterday, but the courier van driver wasn’t able to get his van to my house , he claimed being too busy and lacking time. Instead I got my new device in the middle of the day yesterday. This was the same day that iOS 7 was due to arrive and so was going to give me a little bit of a conflict as to what to do with my time. Was it going to be possible for me to do some multi tasking and to setup the nexus 7 at the same time as doing the download and setup of the new mobile operating system from apple. Well it was possible but it sure slowed me down a lot. Due to my, at this point thankfully slow Internet speed, I was able to do the setup of the new mobile device while I was waiting for the bits and bytes of the new operating system to download. Ios 7 downloaded on the second try and whereas a lot of people have had loads of problems, I left it running over night and I woke up to a newly updated iPad.


Couldn’t wait to play with the Nexus 7

I was at work when the package arrived with ups and of course I wanted to take it out and try it out straight away. I thought at first that there wasn’t enough charge in the battery but then I discovered I just needed to press the button to start it for a little bit longer.

Anyway, because I was at work I wasn’t able to do an awful lot with the new android device I had to wait until I got home before I could really get stuck in.

Galaxy S3 spanner in the works

What really slowed me down is the fact that I had a big problem with my Galaxy S3 telephone. For some strange reason the phone completely locked up and I had to reboot. When I wanted to get back in, it wouldn’t let me get past the sim unlock. I tried numerous ways to get into the phone, but nothing was working. I even called into the shop where I bought the phone, on the way home , but they were unable to help.

A black belt in Google Foo

I had to do some searching on google to find information on how to boot into safe mode. I thought I might have to do a factory reset of the phone. That would have been quite extreme as I would have had to completely setup the phone from scratch again. At least it would have been easy to select and download the applications as I already have them stored on google play, but I would have had to spend quite a lot of time doing it. So after putting it into safe mode I tried once again to get into the normal mode for the Galaxy S3 and I was very pleased to be able to get the phone restarted properly. Today the phone has been working nicely for me without any problems so I am happy again. Yesterday I could have done without having this problem as there were other things that I wanted to be doing. Such as playing with my new nexus 7 and also getting ready to upgrade the ipad to iOS 7. I think that this is what they call first world problems.

Nexus 7 Google

Setting up the Nexus 7

Most of the applications I put onto the nexus 7 we’re the same applications I already have on the galaxy s3. There were one or two which are not suitable for a larger tablet and there were some that I chose not to use as I’m not getting much use of them on the s3 anyway. I thought that with the text applications that I have been using with the extra row of keys that they would work better in landscape mode than on the phone, but there is still the same problem of the extra row of keys disappearing. Not too big a problem really, it is just that i wanted to have a keys showing in landscape mode as it would be better for the Android tutorials.

All of this has been written using the dictation facilities of the Android phone.

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